Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing plug-in is a powerful tool to reach and listen to your online community,
capture their ideas and feedback, work with those insights and convert them into mature ideas ready for implementation.

Crowdsourcing made easy!

As easy as:


  • Get your Innovation Cloud PRO package with Crowdsourcing plug-in
  • Generate form and place it on your website
  • Work with collected insights in Innovation Cloud PRO



Tap right into the minds and knowledge

of your employees, customers and market

in just 3 simply steps

When searching for new opportunities, new products and services or getting feedback from a specific community, our Crowdsourcing plug-in for Innovation Cloud PRO will do this for you in just 3 simply steps.
And yes, we are counting “Buy Now” as a first step.

Once you get familiar with your Innovation Cloud PRO environment, the next step is to generate the form for your Crowdsourcing campaign or challenge, place it on your website, and start interacting with your targeted audience directly. The beauty of this step lies in the possibility to simply customize this form and fit it to your specific business needs by answering some questions. And just like that, the webform’s code is generated!

All feedback from your online crowd will be collected inside your Innovation Cloud PRO account as individual ideas, and that’s where your third step starts: work with those ideas and feedback inside your Innovation Cloud PRO to enrich and develop them into concepts ready for implementation.

Team collaboration, voting and scoring are just some of the features of your Innovation Cloud PRO environment assisting you in turning those ideas into products or services that are exact match of what your customers needed all along.