Putting Your Innovation In Motion By Innovation Cloud, 26.04.2015

Putting Your Innovation In Motion

Start of every innovation journey comes with its own set of challenges. It is a high preasure on startup companies to be and stay innovative. Gaining support from the right people might be the biggest challenge and it often seems like a daunting task. 

They are already head over heels in operational and strategic activities, so gaining the support without proof of concept is going to be near to impossible. 

Early stage companies can now kick start their idea management initiative right away and get to the presentable results in a matter of days, completely free.

Effective and organized idea management is the right way to go. You know that, we know that.

Now let them know:

Step 1 - Start your Innovation Cloud Startup accountJust submit your email here. Once you receive the activation email, follow through its instructions and you can start working on your ideas.

Step 2 - Use an existing problem. One of the benefits of idea management software is that it will help your company not only generate new ideas, but solve current problems. If you can utilize a current example, within your own company, you may just have the key piece of evidence and explanation that will win over some of the more stagnant elements in your organization.
We encourage you to talk to your fellow smart people and identify the real problems.

Step 3 -  Invite others. Round up your colleagues, friends, customers. Anyone who can help with these problems. Explain them the purpose of the invite by giving them broader context and heads up before you send them activation emails. Talk to them, encourage them to take part.
Not sure about how to add users? See this: Adding users to Innovation Cloud

Step 4 -  Start new Campaign. Use the Innovation Cloud Campaign feature to challenge your employees ideas on relevant topic. Formulate simple and clear subject, bright description, define important dates and press the launch button. It will serve as a placeholder for all ideas, good and bad. 
Not sure about how to start a campaign? See this: Starting new campaigns

Step 5 -  Generate Solutions. You don’t have to be in the same room to brainstorm, nor to do it at the same time. Just log in and add your solution to the problem. Give others feedback, tap them on the shoulders and direct those who went astray. At the end, you will have some ideas coming your way.
Check this also: How to add an idea to challenge? 

Step 6 -  Present Results. You are going to have a sweet campaigns of going through a large number of the collected ideas to pick the winners. Make your choices carefully, create the long list of ideas and deliver them to the superiors. Now, you have something to show and talk about.

Now, you are ready to start idea management initiative in your organization

If you are puzzled about what are the next steps, you can always rely on us. We have what it takes to help you create idea-driven organization. 

We wish you a good luck on your innovation journey. 
Bon voyage!

If you have missed our Help Center, visit it here: Help Center


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