Thanks to you our Innovation Cloud celebrates its first birthday By Innovation Cloud, 09.03.2016

Thanks to you our Innovation Cloud celebrates its first birthday

Happy birthday to us!!! It’s been a year since we launched our piece of art called Innovation Cloud Startup for all of you desiring to create art of the innovation on a daily basis. Guided by our belief that everybody should nourish their ideas, we wanted to enable everyone to easily store, collect, collaborate and develop them. The result of our motivation and efforts was Innovation Cloud, a completely free online idea management software.

In our quest to find the perfect solution to easily capture your ideas, first challenge was to design a tool that is intuitive and user-friendly, so everybody could use it, with less time needed to learn its functionalities and more time to work on your ideas. This was very important for us because we wanted everyone to be able to use it, from business entities to ordinary people. Importance of using Innovation Cloud on any device combined with Web-based technology enables everybody to capture and work on their ideas everywhere 24/7/365! So, with successful implementation of all our ideas concerning usability and productivity, we’ve developed a tool that can be used by everyone, anywhere and anytime, using any device.

Main idea behind Innovation Cloud is to easily collect ideas and to closely collaborate on them with 15 other persons. This ideation tool is an organized and systematic way of gathering and channelling ideas that lead to the innovation or improvement, with the focus on collaboration among 15 people who are important and relevant for further development of your ideas.

Innovation Cloud has more than thousand teams that are enjoying all benefits of free online idea platform. Among them there are freelancers, startups, highly respected universities, and even huge corporations and enterprises that some are on the Fortune 500 list. Innovation Cloud is what they all have in common. What is a difference, is team that you delegated and ideas that you are developing.
And they can be ideas such us:
ideas for your house renovation, or any other home related ideas,
ideas for choosing best school for you or your kid,
ideas for gardening,
ideas for game changing business ideas concerning sales process,
ideas for improving an existing product,
Ideas for new marketing activities,
ideas for opening new market,
ideas for an entirely new business model to service new customers,
ideas to solve a technical problem,
ideas for finding new source of supply,
ideas to reduce cost in administration or
ideas to improve customer engagement
and much much more.

So, call to action, make your ideas happen with Innovation Cloud

Because as Alfred North Whitehead said:

"Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them."


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