4th place on the First Downhill race on Sutorman, Montenegro

On the 19th of April, 2015, 22 competitors from Russia, Serbia, BiH and Montenegro became part of the Montenegro’s history as part of the first downhill race called - "Downhill - Sutorman, 2015 - Montenegro open".

This great sports event was so well organized by cycling club “Mornar”, whose members took great care to prepare the track and to give fans opportunity to enjoy downhill excitement.

Trophies were handed over to the first three places in three different categories: Juniors, Masters and Elites.

First place in Junior category was taken by Nemanja Barjaktarović (Montenegro - 3:57,35), second was Stevan Bajčeta (Montenegro - 4:08,98) and third came Dragutin Trifunović (Montenegro - 4:10,58).

In the Masters category, first place was reserved for Aleksandar Trifunović (Montenegro - 4:03,50), second place for Edin Ćemović (BiH - 4:20,08) and Muamer Cakanbegić was close behind for third place (BiH - 4:29,92).

For Elites, first was Evgenij Šipilov (Russia - 3:35,22), second was Petar Grabež (Serbia - 3:56,22), and third place went to Miljan Prodanović (Serbia - 4:04,09).
Our champ Bojan Manojlović, was shaken hard, receiving a dislocated thumb on his hand and a broken bike, after crushing into a rock on the training, one day before the qualifications. Still, he managed, first to repair his bike and then to take 8th place in the qualifications run in the Elites category. Finally, to everyone’s amazement, he took 4th place in the final race, missing the trophy, but winning our hearts. He even hugged the rock after the competition, which you can see on the last image of the gallery. 

Good job Bojan, we are proud of you and are looking forward to the next challenge.

Handing over the trophies, Mr Miodrag Banović stated: “Trophies are for the good results, but in fact all participants are the winners, as this extreme sport demands exceptional mental and physical preparation, courage and boldness”, then he added that he believes that this downhill sports event will become traditional.

We wish them good luck and hope to be part of the event next year, too. 


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