Innovation Cloud is an intuitive, online tool for idea management. It enables you to collect, co-develop and execute new, innovative and creative ideas. It can be used by small teams or the whole corporations.

Try and see it for yourself. It’s free. Everyone working in a small team to large corporations have ideas. If not completely lost in time and space, it is becoming increasingly hard to remember and implement ideas. Sorting them can be a time consuming nightmare. Innovation Cloud is for anyone who wants to efficiently collect, sort, evolve and execute ideas.

Absolutely NOT! Each Innovation Cloud account is closed environment to which you can invite your team and work on your own ideas. Nothing is shared with outside, unless you do it yourself. 

Yes, your data is safe on our servers. We regard innovations and ideas as essential assets of your business and security of your data is our top priority. The Innovation cloud infrastructure is extremely strong and secure with multi-level defenses, disaster recovery options and intelligent data encryption. All that work makes it possible to safely access your ideas, anytime.

Yes. Innovation Cloud is an online tool compatible with each of these popular Operating System’s. All you need is your favorite Internet browser and an Internet connection.

Innovation Cloud supports all devices and screen sizes, by means of, its built-in responsive design.

Yes. Innovation Cloud is forever free for up to 15 users. It’s perfect for the creative teams, smaller companies or creative workshops.

Small and medium size companies need idea management to stay competitive. We strongly believe idea management and innovation are key drivers of market success and should be accessible for all, big or small. That’s the main reason why we fused our knowledge and experience to create Innovation Cloud as the free idea management software. Its main purpose is to help you manage your ideas easier and to bring them to market faster than your competition. The free version is basic and has some limitations, but it is completely able to host all your idea management initiatives. If, in any case, your initiative outgrows the capabilities of the free tool, we prepared great Pro packages, to match any idea management requirement. You can find out more about our offer here and learn about our tailor made enterprise package called DataStation.

Find out more about the differences here

  1. Easy! Just fill in your email here, and in a few moments you will receive activation email.
  2. Follow link from the activation email and fill in a few more details. 
  3. In next 1-2 working days you will receive another message with a link to your new account.

After you login to your Innovation Cloud account, simply go to the user menu (top right corner of the screen) and choose the upgrade option. You can also find an upgrade button on your settings panel.

No. Due to the limitations of each package regarding the number of the users, ideas and storage, it is not possible to migrate data from one account to another. However, you can terminate your account and open a fresh new one at any time.

No. We charge for the overall service.

We support and accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Go to your billing settings located in the user drop down menu at the very top right corner of the Innovation Cloud screen and select Cancel Subscription.

Your Pro account will remain active until next payment cycle. At that point it will be canceled with no further charges.

  • For FREE users: Yes, there is 90 days of inactivity time before account expiration. Inactivity time is the time from your last log in. You will be notified via email beforehand. 
  • For PRO users: No, there is no expiry time. Your account will be active as long as your subscription.

  • FREE user accounts expire after 90 days of inactivity. All your user details and data are deleted. However, you will be warned several times via email before your account expires and any delete action on your account is performed.
  • For PRO users, as there is no inactivity time, data will be accessible for 90 days after account closure due to a terminated subscription. During this 90 days period, you can renew your subscription and continue where you left off.
  • NOTE: You can close your account and delete all your data at any time by yourself. 

You can also find lots of helpful materials on our help page. For Enterprise users, DataStation also offers full customer support services via phone and email.

DataStation is the platform on which Innovation Cloud was first developed in 2005. DataStation is our full featured Innovation management platform that includes idea management, project management, and product life cycle management features. Because we believe Idea Management and Innovation are primary drivers for global success, we decided to make DataStation more affordable and even free through the Innovation Cloud product.

No, Innovation Cloud is a cloud based tool. All you need are Login details, Internet access and your favorite web browser. This makes Innovation Cloud platform available anytime, anyplace.