Crowdsourcing Use the power of Crowdsourcing to reach and listen to your customers, partners and suppliers.
Capture their ideas and feedback, work with those insights and convert them into mature ideas ready for implementation.

Today, customers’ demands have never been higher, and they expect and want to be involved in shaping the products and services they use and love. They have great and valuable ideas and are just waiting for you to start a conversation. Innovation Cloud Crowdsourcing is a “call to action” generated from your innovation platform to turn your online community into active contributors within your innovation process.

Use advantages of Crowdsourcing to create new value, understand and meet your customers’ demands. Align innovation processes with your customers’ wishes and achieve your innovation goals with Innovation Cloud Crowdsourcing.

When searching for new opportunities, testing ideas for product innovation, getting feedback for product improvement or discovering new customers’ needs, our Innovation Cloud Crowdsourcing will do this for you in just 3 simple steps:

3 steps crowdsourcing

  • Define Crowdsourcing Challenge
  • Generate webform and place it on your website
  • Work with collected feedback in your innovation platform


First, define the challenge you want to solve together with your online community. The beauty of this step is in the possibility to ask specific questions with customizable Crowdsourcing form. The value lies in asking the right questions at the right time. That is why our Crowdsourcing supports multiple Challenges at the same time, on multiple web-pages. 

The next step is to generate the form for your Crowdsourcing challenge and place it on your website. And with a single click, the system will automatically generate webform code for your website. Now you can start an on-going conversation with your targeted audience about the burning questions you want to address. 

Innovation Cloud turns collected data into actionable ideas. All feedback and insights from your online crowd will be collected inside your Innovation Cloud part of your challenge initiatives or as individual ideas. And this is where your third step starts: work collaboratively on those ideas within your Innovation Cloud to enrich and develop them into concepts ready for implementation. Team collaboration, voting and scoring are just some of the features of your Innovation Cloud assisting you in turning those ideas into products or services that are the exact match of what your customers needed all along.

With Innovation Cloud Crowdsourcing you will have a structured way to collect your community feedback, understand it and act upon it. Tapping into your targeted audience for fresh ideas and perspectives will generate value for product development activities and marketing-related activities such as promotion and advertising on social media or market research.  

*Innovation Cloud PRO also supports Crowdsourcing with some limitation such as generating only one submission form per account.

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