Completely free, easy to use and well-designed idea management software,
suitable for startups and small teams new to innovation

Activate your innovation team

  • Enable cross-department team collaboration with one centralized platform, accessible from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

  • Encourage your team to express their ideas and address specific issues in your organization with user-friendly idea management software.

  • Support idea sumbission by giving your team access control over their ideas, so even those shy will give a try.

Enhance employees engagement

  • Define focused campaigns to explore specific subject and generate appropriate ideas for business improvement.

  • Steer your team to co-develop their ideas by adding comments, documents and voting.

  • Collaborate on ideas until they are ready to be sent to approval for implementation.

Approve and track productivity

  • Approve the best ideas that are aligned with current business strategy and keep track of implementation efforts.

  • Promote innovation by recognizing top contributors and reward them for participation and engagement.

  • Get clear insights into platform productivity with idea portfolio report.

Nowdays, when innovation is more important than ever, collaborative idea management software can help startups to capture new ideas efficiently, work together on improving them and make sure they are implemented on time.

With its simple interface and well-designed structure, Innovation Cloud provides free, collaborative idea management software for early stage companies willing to drive innovation forward. It is out-of-the-box solution, with simplified workflow and basic set of features for 15 users, 100 ideas, 1Gb of storage space and 3 campaigns.

To get a whole picture of features of Innovation Cloud Startup, please watch Innovation Cloud Startup video.

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