“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

- mostly Albert Einstein 

We were not collecting ideas as we should.

We noticed large number of ideas were lost in the day to day activities.

So we decided to collect all ideas to give each an equal chance.

We were in over our heads!

We found out that ideas are everywhere! They started pouring out of the offices, cars, conference rooms, homes, parks, customers, associates, some great ones even came out from the restrooms. Waaaay too many to write them all down and handle. By the time we tried to decide which to execute, a whole flock of great ones passed us by. Our future was flying past us and we were powerless to slow it, let alone stop it.

Just when we thought we were beaten at our own game, one idea found us.

It was an idea to create our own idea catcher.

Simple, huh? So we thought.

So we did it!

We had already collected some ideas and we were on the roll, but we didn’t stop there.

We made it accessible online, anywhere, anytime, so it caught ideas regardless where they came from. Yes, even the ones from restrooms!

Then we started making it better.

We made it collaborative, more open.

We made it to score, vote and share ideas.

Then we made it to decide between the good, bad and “meh” ideas.

We started launching campaigns with success.

We even put together nice looking reports to see how we were doing.

It was awesome!

Yet something was still missing.

One morning I came into the office and the top idea was a “Create Project” button.

At that point everything fell together.

We collected ideas through collaboration, made them better, so the great ideas started surfacing. We scored and hand-picked idea and with a single click of the mouse started new projects. They were easy to handle and brought us solutions to our problems, great products and awesome services.

We were so excited we decided to share it.

We present to you the first absolutely free, online Idea Management solution:

“Innovation Cloud”

Free? Did we finally lose it?

Nah. We have lots more to share, so for now please enjoy this fully functional and free innovation tool without time limit. And yes, the idea off “In-app advertisements” was scored very low and it is currently archived with the status rejected.

So enjoy! We hope you will love it!

We know we do!



DataStation Innovation Cloud is built by innovators for innovators.

The year 2007, while Apple Inc CEO, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone and NASA’s Phoenix spaceship was taking off, we embarked on our own innovation journey with DataStation Innovation Cloud. Since then we have grown and invested into our industry-leading innovation management software, services, and consulting.

With a strong team, hard earned experience and cutting edge solutions we assist companies in unlocking their full innovation potential.

Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, with our technology center located in Kragujevac, Serbia, DataStation maintains sales, support and distribution offices in Europe and North America.

With clients spanning more than 40 countries, DataStation Innovation Cloud is a cohesive, global partner with extensive worldwide capabilities and a proven track record of delivering the highest level of quality technology, customer service and integration support.


We develop software solutions for idea, project and product management.

Our focus is innovation and collaboration. We help organizations achieve revenue growth through sustained creation and enhancements of new products and services.

Our tool is different and reflects our belief that daily innovation and optimization are the keys to giving clients solutions that are always a step or two ahead of the rest. 


We are proven vendor with clear vision and strategy.

We have capable leadership, strong support and expert implementation officers. Our excellent development, integration capabilities and secure platform are main drivers of our clients success.

For more information on how to power up innovation within your organization, contact us using the contact form, write to, or call us at +32 (3) 8080153.