About us

Innovation Cloud has condensed over 10 years of experience in developing innovation management solutions into a series of modular and scalable online collaboration services which meet the various needs of organizations along with their innovation maturity cycle.
Lessons learned and experience give us insights into the various challenges which organizations and innovators are facing, whether they are large and medium-sized corporations, smaller start-ups, governmental institutions or even universities. It all comes down to people and creativity that should lead to creating value.
As the product and service cycles are continuously shortening and competition is quick to copy or replicate, we have developed full life-cycle innovation management software, covering innovation process from idea-to-launch-to-market. This way, you will be able to quickly tap into the creative potential of your professional community, select and nourish the most promising ideas, diligently pushing them towards the market and adapting your course based on market feedback.
In the year 2015, we were the first one who developed a completely free and simple to use idea management software called Innovation Cloud Startup, perfectly suitable for small teams and startups. And for those who want to level up their innovation efforts, we have designed the advanced ideation tool Innovation Cloud PRO.
Our services will provide you with the agility required to stay on course and ahead. We prepared out-of-box solution Innovation Cloud Enterprise, as well as tailor-made solution Innovation Cloud Global - to suit your most demanding needs.
Contact us using the contact form, write to office@innovationcloud.com, or call us at  +352 203 014 87 and let us show you how Innovation Cloud can bring a meaningful difference to your organization’s innovation capabilities.