Idea management software that enables more comprehensive ideation workflow with more insightful reports for better decision making

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Include everybody in the innovation process

  • Include all relevant members in your innovation community: partners, clients, suppliers, and your online community.

  • Assign different roles to each member of the community to streamline the process and organize people.

  • Connect the right people using focused discussions and generate new ideas for business improvement.

Efficiently manage the progress of ideas

  • Provide a streamlined approach to ideation, motivate users to think about the value of their ideas and promote innovation culture.

  • Use comments, documents and votes to facilitate meaningful collaboration, develop stronger ideas and generate a context for approval and scoring.

  • Define focused campaigns to shorten the time frame of idea collection and evaluation.

Advanced analytics

  • Keep track of ideas development path, users engagement and overall platform performance.

  • Identify your innovators with gamified user reports and analytics.

  • Utilize advanced reports and metrics to assist key players in making the right decisions.

Listen to the voice of customer

  • Collect and leverage direct customer feedback to optimize your offerings.

  • Use Crowdsourcing to gather and process inputs from the online community.

  • Accelerate new products and service development ideas with reduced risk through collective brainstorming.

Increased demand for constant innovation requires a systematic approach to ideation. Innovation Cloud PRO offers scalable solutions with functionalities assisting key players in selecting the right ideas for their business. Advanced reports, metrics and evaluation provide sufficient data to simplify the decision-making process and the best ideas approval. Easy to use interface and streamlined workflow ensure continuous idea generation and user engagement.

Influence of social media and the online community enabled the company to open up to a wider public. Innovation Cloud PRO with its Crowdsourcing plug-in offers you the possibility to create a conversation channel with your online community and to use their feedback to make your products and services better. This possibility is your structured and constant stream of feedback and an easy way to go through that feedback and build new ideas.

To get a quick “how it works” overview of all advanced features that will help you better manage your ideas watch Innovation Cloud PRO video.