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Digital transformation and hesitation about it By Deana - 3 min read

Digital transformation and hesitation about it

Going digital can often be quite a challenge for any business. Change is hard, and people don’t like to change the way they’ve been doing things. Even though going digital to a certain extent is inevitable, many business owners will try to postpone the transition as much as possible. And even when the transition starts, it is usually met with a lot of hesitation and resistance by the employees.

Organizational culture can play a big role when introducing such a change. A strong organizational culture will help you communicate your goals more effectively and help your team members understand the transition better. Creating and culturing innovative efforts within the organization will help your business be more open to change and not look at it as a challenge but rather as an opportunity.

Digitalization of your processes leads to a cost-effective, time-saving, max profit business. But you should plan it carefully and choose what works best for your business. There is no universal plan for transitioning. You should examine your businesses’ current position, and compare it with where you would like your business to be, and find the best match that will bridge that gap.

You have plenty of room for digital innovation within your business. From the processes you use for production, communication, sales, you name it. Whichever process you choose to innovate, make sure to inform your staff of your goals because lack of clarity is one of the biggest obstacles for them to accept any change. Having a clear picture will just make it easier for them to accept the unknown, and get aboard with it.

If you plan on digitalizing your product or channels of communication with your customers, also try to make sure to communicate the value that is being created through technology. Understanding your customers and knowing all the touchpoints will certainly help you create and execute the right strategy. Digitalization will also help you provide your customers with a more personalized experience. Shorter response time and real-time feedback increase the speed of your new processes and higher profits.

And then there is the security risk and cybercrime. You are always at risk of something like that happening to you even if you stick to traditional and outdated tech solutions. Even if you use 0 technology, you cannot avoid human error. So the main question is how big or small the risk is compared to all the opportunities digital transformation might bring your business. Even if you are not a risk-taker, this change is inevitable and will happen sooner or later. And know that you are not the only one facing it, but your business partners and your competition as well. The less you resist, the less effort will be wasted, and instead the effort will be put to good use, into executing the transition the best way possible.

All innovations bring the fear of the unknown no matter how big or small the improvement and change were. But then again, innovations are what drive us forward and even if we do hit a roadblock, they are the ones to create a way around it. Innovation Cloud can help your business transform and help develop and support all of your innovative efforts.

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