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Elon Musk and SpaceX Want Your ideas By Innovation Cloud - 4 min read

Elon Musk and SpaceX Want Your ideas

Imagine travelling from Los Angeles to San Francisco - a distance of 400 miles - in under half an hour and for free. Well, that’s exactly what a new transportation system envisioned by Elon Musk, CIO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, sets out to do. 

The ambitious Hyperloop idea, first officially revealed in a whitepaper published in 2013, is being built by Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies,Inc. 

Hyperloop Train
“While we are not developing a commercial Hyperloop ourselves, we are interested in helping to accelerate development of a functional Hyperloop prototype
- Official statement:
“The Hyperloop is a capsule full of people inside a tube elevated on pylons,” says Ahlborn. “Inside the tube we create a low pressure environment so the capsule doesn’t encounter a lot of resistance and can reach speeds of 1,200kmh (740mph).”

Less than two years later, SpaceX builds a 1-3 miles long Hyperloop test track outside its Hawthorne, California headquarters with plans to test the technology within a year.

Next step: Collect ideas for pod design in the Open Competition, hosted by SpaceX.

Ahlborn’s Dream team

Ahlborn put together the team of around 360 professionals who applied for the right to work on the project and nearly all of them have day jobs at the companies like NASA, Yahoo!, Boeng, Airbus, Salesforce and Stanford. They’ve been attracted with stock options in the company and by the importance of the project.

The major hype around this idea to actually shoot out people through tubes close to the speed of sound attracted over 10,000 people from academia and engineering who contribute their ideas daily to help Hyperloop become a reality.

How close are they?

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, there is now a quite good chance that affordable or even free superfast transportation may become our reality in the coming decade.

Comparison between Hyperloop idea and California Speed RailWhat started as an alternative idea to the most expensive public works project in the US history - California High-Speed Rail and its 220 miles per hour trains and costs that exceed $70 billion dollars, soon became an open source project that attracts young minds across the globe to make Hyperloop reality

Hyperloop will consist of the two parallel tubes standing on pylons with vacuum through which capsules with passengers will be propelled to the desired destination at the top speed of 1200 km/h.

Ahlborn says the questions of how to build the low-pressure tube and the pylons that support it have mostly been solved, and creating the capsules shouldn’t be too tricky. So a lot of the technical and feasibility issues people were debating are solved.

There are many more to resolve ahead, for sure. The biggest issues are speed and scale.

The SpaceX Competition

They need more ideas to piece together the big Hyperloop puzzle and in the spirit of the true open source project SpaceX launched the Official SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition to get to the best Pod’s design and prototype faster.

The challenge is aimed at students and independent engineering teams and will be hosted at the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California next June. 

Groups that want to join in will have to do so by September 2015, with the first “design weekend” being held in January 2016. The finished race will be held in June 2016.

Companies will also be able to attend the contest to see what teams they might be interested in sponsoring.

If you have any idea on how to create or design pods that can carry people through the tube at the speed of 200 mph, you might get a job!

You have a better design idea for future trains? Join the Competition.

Submission ends 5pm PDT on Sept. 15, 2015

Rules & Prizes

No word on prize at the moment.

Full rules and other details of the SpaceX competition will be released in August.

Next January, entrants will meet for a design weekend at the Texas A&M University. The designs will be presented before an evaluation panel composed mainly of engineers from SpaceX and Musk’s luxury electric-car company, Tesla Motors, and university professors.

Private companies will be able to use the weekend to choose teams to sponsor and fund.

SpaceX said it also probably will build its own pod for demonstration purposes, but its team won’t be eligible to win the competition. The company also will have the final say on who actually gets to use the test track.

Official SpaceX Hyperloop competition document


Question remains...

How will they effectively manage the response from all who accept this challenge? The answer may lie in software solutions such as: Innovation Cloud and DataStation. Innovation Cloud is free idea management online software that might be just what SpaceX needs to host this challenge competition. 


Step up

Musk and Ahlborn leverage crowdsource, crowdfunding and open innovation principles to bring as many minds a possible to sort and answer the myriad of the questions coming with this ambitious idea.

As the leaders, they both have enough experience, belief and persistence to drive this to execution. And deep pockets of the many investors.

So step up, join his team and create something of meaning, or continue working on your next big app or operating system.

The choice is always yours.


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  • I solved unified theory, Shapes, colors, pressures, 2547 spaces for gravity to occupy of either a shape, color, or pressure. : I also have plans for a starship, 20 min flights. One occupant. What's real, did I die and I can build a starship and fly back to earth where people would really listen to me?

  • This is for you consideration, (space X ) saving more fuel or travelling further in to space. The lowest gravity on Earth. Location as for Sir Arthur Charles Clarke is in Sri Lanka ( South of the country ) Its mostly into the sea. I hope it will be useful. Thank you.

  • Hello, my name is Pahl Dixon. I've had the good fortune on my travels to meet many cool innovators. There's a guy in Australia named Noel Orchard who has developed technology that could significantly increase the efficiency and safety of; Tesla cars, space vehicles (radiation nullification!), quantum computers, artificial intelligence, etc. Noel's elegant passive system is laser treated stainless steel plates that work something like this: PLASMONICS Reality is plagued by serious ionic imbalances at the subatomic level. Valences between electrons and other particles are often poorly matched and in dire need of fine tuning to operate smoothly and efficiently. The faces of these stainless steel plates generate plasmons, which are particles that are passively converted from ambient photons into tiny packets of energy with no specific spin or charge which fly way in vast quantities looking for a purpose. They donate themselves to unbalanced molecules and electrical plasma fields where they conveniently take on specific useful qualities in order to; super-oxygenate suffocating and anaerobic living cells, repair nerve damage, heal injuries, step up metabolic processes, improve internal combustion and electrical efficiencies, accelerate electronic machine processes, rev up life force energy... Wearing a small Plasmonic stainless steel medallion oxygenates the whole person and protects from damaging EMF. Hyperbaric chambers in proximity to multiple large Plasmonic plates dramatically increases healing efficacy of pressurized oxygen to accomplish previously unattainable results. Macular degeneration was fully reversed with Plasmonic HBO2 as demonstrated in a proper university medical study. To reiterate, plasmons are mutant photons that have lost their spin and polarity by associating with electrons in a specific manner on shiny textured metallic surfaces. They zoom away from the conversion device, which in this case is laser etched stainless steel plates with micro-holes like nano-Swiss cheese, and then take on charge/spin characteristics appropriate to unbalanced/chaotic ionic situations, which harmonizes amplitudes, valences and other qualities for optimization of electrical plasma and molecular constructs. Plasmons are analogous to stem cells operating in the particle realm. Having less energy than electrons, plasmons are capable of filling in unbalanced electron equations to make energy dynamics operate with higher precision for greater harmony and efficiency. Much like oil in an engine. This technology builds on obscure late work by Nicola Tesla that was intended to mitigate the EMF hazards of AC power. I theorize that plasmon richness on the level of DNA promotes smoother, faster, more accurate genetic activity, structures, expression... Likewise for circuits and magnets and superconductors and so on. Years of goofing around with the innovator of this clever apparatus has convinced me that Plasmonics promotes full-body oxygen saturation, improved metabolic activity, increased electrical efficiency, smoother bio and chemical interactions, highly amplified life force, and advancements in states of consciousness... An interesting observation was that when treating a very large apartment complex to reduce power bills, as well as meters slowing, people's milk freezing, toast burning, and tap water overheating, the shouting went way down and babies cried much less. Tesla said that plasmons promote higher consciousness and right behavior. Seems to be so. Plasmonics applied to AI computing will accelerate processing and may quite possibly impart higher living consciousness. Plasmonics is very likely to promote significantly increased access to other dimensions for quantum computers and linear accelerators and so on. I've seen Plasmonics give vehicles 40% more fuel efficiency, household power bills go down by 30%, plants grow 1/3 faster, computers function more quickly... Of course these pedestrian applications are not in keeping with financial and industrial practices. Noel's Plasmonics is an underground art that is kept off the radar of mass society. (Speaking of elite applications, Plasmonics is also key to an extreme age reversal cocoon system I've designed, but that's another subject.) Quietly doing up cars, rockets, quantum AI, supercollider rings... with Plasmonics is an easy way to increase their capacities, make them much healthier and safer, and as a bonus, broadcast global ambient ionic harmonization... Please let me know what you think of this unique opportunity. And feel free to pass this information on to anyone who might find it interesting. I can make proper introductions to Noel if anyone wants to talk with him and evaluate his products. Keep up the good works! Cheers, Pahl Dixon

  • hello Elon. my name is Vinesh. you have space travel wrong. I have the solution for interstella travel. the solution is here on earth. ask me how.

  • New method for using electricity that will fundamentally change the way we understand how electricity works and can be used in our machines. Retrofit Tesla would quadruple the number of miles it can travel on a charge. Solar systems would NEVER run out of power regardless of weather or limited sunlight. Working prototypes demonstrate what is possible, and can be scaled up. I am contacting as many companies as possible and looking for ONE company to work with. We have NO patent and want to sell our IP.

  • I think that in mars mission of spacex , spacex should not land the whole ship on mars rather it should fixed its main ship in mars orbit and release small capsule like ships to mars surface.

  • I have the answer to the problem. I don't exactly know how to design properly but I know how to make it work.

  • Dear Mr. Elon Musk Sir, We greatly appreciate Your efforts to Discover the quickest way to reach the Space! Glory be to the Almighty God, who gives You His divine wisdom to enable You Inventing, different types of Space X and Electric Cars-Job 33:4! Now we are dedicated and committed to stand with You in Intensive Intercessory Prayers, beseeching Him, increase supernatural wisdom to enable You invent more unique methods in that field of Your Dream-James1:5-6&Hebrews11:1,6! If You Can join us for 5 minutes special prayers for You daily. Thank You

  • Launch willing subjects in cryogenic tubes with enough escape velocity to go somewhere.... for science! I'm talking maybe 50 subjects or so aimed at something within the scope of a desirable target, not just random space. I mean, worst case scenario all 50 subjects eventually collide with something or other, go on into infinity and the outer reaches of the galaxy, or destabilize and become space dust. Who knows? Maybe someone or something will discover them. 7 billion people on the earth. 50 subject's wouldn't be so bad. For science!

  • The perfect gene. You know, like the DNA of Leeloo in The Fifth Element. Who needs to launch 200+/- lbs + the weight of cryogenic fluid into space. How about a series of "Voyager" missions that contain the digital and fabricated genetic code for the entire human race? Worst case scenario, they get hit by asteroids. Best case scenario, someone on the receiving end manufactures our species. Worst case scenario, intergallactic artificial human trafficking. Best case scenario, we make new friends.

  • Myself Mr. Nachiket R. Bhurke from kolhapur invented the new magnetic frictional power technology. By using that technology the batteries in moving vehicles on roads will get recharged without any external resource. I’m quite confident that my invention will prove revolutionary in sectors like non conventional power generation.The invented technology will be helpful in research of cause behind the rotational motion of celestial bodies, light traveling speed. I would like to request you for a personal meeting to explain the details of my invention at a convenient time.

  • This is a response to the article “Elon Musk has an idea for saving boys stranded in a Thailand cave”. I’m a Mechanical engineer, retire from Boeing Company! If you could pass on the following it would be greatly appreciated. Mini Flexible Sub If the children were individually put into an enclosed cylindrical rubber tube large enough for them and small enough to get through the small cave openings that would eliminate the need for a novice using a scuba mouthpiece and all the complexities that go with Cave Diving. It would be propelled by a rope and guided by divers. If it needed to bend around corners it would have to be designed to be neutral pressurized so that it stayed limp. Now an air scrubber would be needed for oxygen. If it did not need to be limp then air could added/(bled out) from a SCUBA tank. The mini flexible sub could have a communication component. If a child couldn't handle the confinement then he could be given a strong anti-anxiety drug and wake up in mom's arms!

  • I don't believe the thickness of steel will exclude atmospheric pressure from the track. It certainly will colapse. Perhaps instead of traveling within a vacuum, leave the track partially pressurized, and use large turbines at each station to move the atmosphere within the track thus propelling the capsules. Just a theory, not sure if there would be positive gains at all, at any vacuum, given the length of pipeline and pressure loss due to friction.

  • I have an innovation that could solve the problem of batteries heating up. This same technology could be used to greatly reduce the heat and stacking issues with nano technology. If you are interested in this innovation please contact me. Thank you.

  • You don't need to create a vaccuum through out the whole tunnel. Compressed compartments like "air locks" or "Vaccuum looks" will do just fine. But another question came to mind today. I think we need to facilitate handicaped and old people using a permobile to access the nature here on earth. I saw an old lady sittning in here permobile just looking at a medow today. There were a path down to the ocean that she could not take. Constraint to the gravel path layed out. We need to make permobiles more like JEEPs or SUVs. So that Everbody can enjoy Nature on our planet.

  • I've not to say anything here, I've sent the Ideas to Musk on e-mail... please refer to there. Those ideas are something to be kept Personal.

  • I have an idea for the recovery of the falcon 9 fairing. Instead of the recovery ship and net would it be possible to let the fairing splash down and upon splash down have a sensor then deploy a flotation device? I'm sure the fairing weighs a great deal, and I bet someone already looked I to it, but you never know. Best of luck Cs

  • I would think a submersible tube constructed out of silicone then covered in the material in the video below, would be much more practical than a rigid tube with no give, for cave rescue.

  • Elon, I have a revolutionary concept involving lithium battery technology. Would like to have a technology partner to develop. Please advise how I can present my plan? Regards, Steve Germano 201 450 7740

  • I have a really interesting idea which could change the way we view money/currency keys and much more can't reveal everything on public I wish to drop my idea privately if possible

  • Hello Elon I don't know if you're going to read this but I have an idea for an engine for your pods. It also has plenty of other uses including the possibility of sustained space travel I would really like to discuss it with you. Also it doesn't require fuel just alot of air. If you are interested please contact me at Or I can be reached at (406) 224-5962

  • Tesla cars and hyper loop are cool but you should move into high gear and create a new form of transportation: how about making this famous star wars vehicule a reality?? check it out the ''sith speeder'' this will be a instant success. I suggest drone propellers or jet engine.

  • I was under the impression that Hyper-loop was going to use superconductive magnets to suspend the vehicle in pressurized tube? I just watched an interview with Musky, I'm not to sure if i misunderstood, or not. It sounded like hyper-loop was going to use jets of air like a air hockey table, is this not a lot more prone to failure? I mean, I had figured the jet was going to be used to change the pressure on either side of the pod, pushing it along like a spitball in a straw, while the magnets kept it inline. In any case I'm very interested to see the outcome, you guys area tribute to are species. Cheers P.S I'm super stoked for BFR as well.

  • Hi Elon, I have a solution to the auto mass production line.

  • Could you create a personel sized drone with piviting arms to function as a car, or even motorcycle?

  • How to solve the flooding in the midwest and the draught in the west. Simply build a water pipeline from the Mississippi to the Colorado River.

  • Elon; assume someone is working on this already, but Mars landing prep should include locating underground water bodies, stocking them with something hardy like lobsters and some smaller creatures they can eat and preparing a food source for first colonists! First food cycle established ahead of human arrival.

  • Hello to Uzbekistan,perrpettual mobile invention of Akmal Kiyamov ! Look at video "Future energy invention"

  • Wireless chargeable cars like phones .

  • i have a idea use spring cords latched on to the space craft and two fuel powered tanks for the ship to take off pull down on them use the tanks to spring the ship up to atmospherics and its uses less fuel on the ship and well make it where it will the sides on fuel drop down to land and use again for going to iss

  • I tried to give an organic pesticide/fungicide to the EPA to help change the world but they say it's not safe because it has hemp oil in it, can you help? This could help the whole world not have to eat poison soaked foods.

  • I have an idea on how to stop worldwide forest fires, was looking for someone to share my idea with and possibly get it going!

  • I had almost an identical idea about the "train in a tube" years ago. My plan, however, included a propulsion technique that would utilize a vacuum pressure created in front of the train by using a turbine to draw out the air, and pressurize the tube at the rear of the train using another turbine. Assuming the rail is mag-lev, the train will be forced forward by the air pressure pushing on the rear of the train. The centre of the train would have to be equipped with a ring that almost touches the inner walls of the tube, so as to keep the vacuum area separate from the pressurized area. The vacuum would eliminate air friction resistance as well, so the top speed of the train would not be affected by air resistance.

  • I suggest refitting the fairings for the F9 as as wingless lifting bodies like the NASA M2-F1 and bringing them into a controlled landing remotely.

  • Two ideas. (1) for The Boring Company: instead of grinding the entire surface of the tunnel, create a circular train of smaller boring machines that will just grind the circumference of the tunnel like a cookie cutter, then follow with slicers that can slice the cookies of earth off the protruding horizontal column. Sell the slices for countertops or roadways. by only cutting the circumference, you can significantly reduce the energy used to bore, and be able to replace and repair the smaller machine faster and easier. Also easier to transport them to the next project. (2) Can your team produce a road paving machine that will grind an asphalt road, sweep up the ground pavement, remix it with tar or other binders, repave it, roll it, and stripe it in one pass, with one driver (or none!)? With this, we could repave our roads at night to avoid the orange cones and congestion caused by repaving projects, while reducing the expense of the labor at the same time...

  • Hi I am writing you today about a fantastic invention. It has tens of thousands of different applications. The HVAC market alone could be 25 to 40 trillion, this is a quadrillion dollar idea. It has applications from fighter jets to commercial airliners, to the already mentioned HVAC market to providing power to cars, providing power for cell phones although I have another idea for that, power plants, power tools, washer/dryers and thousands more. It also stops global warming and reduces pollution to a fraction of the amount it is now How my idea works is with hydraulics. How hydraulics works is if there are two different sized pistons in a hydraulic tube and you apply force to the small piston which for example is one fifth the size of the larger piston then five times the force is produced. This seems great it means free energy but until now it took too many pistons and valves eating up in friction the force produced also a lot of the force which is equal everywhere is absorbed by the walls of the tube. What I did was surround the secondary piston in hydraulic fluid and a membrane which is in turn surrounded in hydraulic fluid. This membrane is ten times the surface area of the secondary piston so now ten times the force is produced and is multiplied five times by the force produced by the interaction of the primary and secondary piston. so in essence it is a giant lever that resets itself. So now you have 50 times the force compared to what is applied to the primary piston. A very loose example is that when you apply ten horsepower to the primary piston it becomes 500 horsepower at the hydraulic motor that provides rotational force that turns a generator to provide electricity or provides power to run the transmission in a car that powers the wheels in a car or when attached to an electric furnace or air conditioner provides heating and cooling for any sized building and many more applications that number in the thousands This invention is brand new and has a potential market in the hundreds of trillions The provisional patent number is 528098500 please excuse the crude drawing Looking forward to your response Sincerely Robert Reid

  • I have an idea that can save 33 percent of the rocket fuel weight. How do I submit it to Elon Musk or spaceX?

  • I don't see why they didn't go trackless using opposing force like the lounch pad less maintenance ....higher speed if the shell also has an opposing force .....

  • I have an idea that as the chance to put any human in space travels, inprove space travels, send anything to space without a rocket. And that can be the solution to a faster moon/mars colonization

  • Are there any sensible far reaching proposals/ ideas from The Musk camp centred on saving our kind from global warming, aside from cars that use batteries?

  • I had an idea for improving/making the Chicago tunnel feasible/possible. It would involve 1 pc Tesla Car, 2pcs PTFE Teflon Rods possibly with Iron core for strength. Mount the Rods on a reverse hydraulic sled enabling the rods to retract and engage at will, place one in the front beneath the car between the front wheels, and one rod in the back between the rear wheels. The tunnel base/track should be constructed similar to a Electric Race Track enabling the Teflon rods to function as a guide tour, keeping the vehicle on track and preventing accidental wheel turns (might be possible through AI and Software to follow the track and guide the wheels on Autopilot). (The Race Track grid in the tunnel base could be used to charge the car as well, add some imagination and some steel wool on the left and right side of each rod.) Now we have a guided track and need to create some high speed propulsion without depleting the car battery... So, why not create a intense static charge in the tube.. we are currently in a tube, so let's coat the entire tube with PVC fibre glass, this material is great at creating and maintaining a electrostatic charge. To make the static charge, imagine a circular track running vertical inside of the tube. Inside of the track we have pipes coming out using Maglev (think railgun) as propulsion, these pipes are equipped with either cotton strips or plastic feathers, similar to that of a Gala No Dust Broom, Now, moving at very high speed, touching the sealing of the tube, going around in circles at very high speed, these plastic feathers would create massive static while grinding against the PVC material meanwhile the now electrostatic pipe cause the aluminium body of the car to accelerate forward. However! Air friction would slow down the movement/maximum velocity of the vehicle; and by increasing the air temperature inside of the tube this would allow for lest friction due to the rising of hot air, so by making the "racing tracks" out of high carbon steel; the friction between the Teflon rods and the high carbon steel track could cause flash temperatures reaching up to 1000 °C while moving at high velocity, of cause the heating element would only benefit those arriving after the first car as heat would build over time, if the pipeline is not used for a extend of time, the air cools down and cause more friction for the next traveller. The waste heat from the carbon steel tracks could be picked up by thermoelectric generators installed beneath the tracks. On next traveller arrival, we reverse the current and heat up the tracks using current previously generated from the TEGs.

  • Good Morning, I lived in Europe for many years and I would like to know if there ever been conducted a study on create an hybrid electric passenger train which runs with tesla batteries technology and regular electric grid power. In Europe all passenger railroad are electrified already and just curiosity if Tesla Company would like to diversify its products in that sector for the UE market.

  • HELLO. You think about taking tourists into space, why do not you send all the rubbish into space (make room for a space station with a power plant outside Earth); another is - make a chimney between the atmosphere and outherspace for carbon monoxide to get rid of it (the first and second can be combined). and last - help people here - autorobotics are in progress, we all lose our job for robots, but we can be the owners of these robots and help small businesses compete with giants who do not care. I understand that these are expensive ideas, but only the rich can start them. It's not the time to think about electric cars when the world dies ... Good luck.

  • have an idea for a business something that will help boat operators park their boats at their dock,load on trailers ect.. with senors the technology is already out there just need to have it engineered to do this

  • New power concept Water less, turbine less, low heat nuclear electrical generation devise. This is a hybrid between nuclear decay energy and solar electrical panels. Your system needs the electricity to work. I have the design - You have the resources. Please email for more information Thank you

  • Look Into the center of an electric arc and what is left as it collapses to see what can be the power source of the next generation of electric vehicles. LENR has just see a very tiny glimpse of what the potential is. Best Kenneth A Fogel

  • DEAR MR. ELON MUSK! RUSSIAN NANO LABORATORY PROPOSES YOU FOR COOPERATION IN IMPLEMENTING FUTURE PROJECTS FOR WORLD CIVILIZATION. ALL PROJECTS ARE IN THE STAGE OF COMPLETION WE OFFER YOU TO BECOME OUR PARTNERS IN CREATING INDUSTRIAL PROTOTYPES AND IN FUTURE INDUSTRIAL IMPLEMENTATION OF THESE DECISIONS THE EXPECTED PROFITABILITY OF EACH OF THE PROJECTS IS 10 TO THE 17TH DEGREE EURO IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS THE FIRST PROJECT ELECTROMAGNETIC SOURCE-ENGINE (ESE) OPERATING WITHOUT FUEL AND WITHOUT STOPPING We propose to complete jointly and introduce the development of an electromagnetic source-engine (ESE). ESE extracts energy directly from the substructure of the ether, which is an infinite crystal-like matrix made up of cyclic packets of standing waves. ESE produces any given, never ceasing power-traction. Turns on once and for all (warranty period of work - 10 000 years). The cost of 1 kW of non-stop power is 1-10 EURO. The working body of the source-engine 1 kW of non-stop power-tracrion has an average size of 5 mm. ESE does not require fuel and input power, and therefore - electricity, mining and transportation of fuel, transport infrastructure and the like. ESE completely solves the issues of providing the Earth with an unlimited flow of energy, food, living conditions for any climatic zones, ocean depth, underground space, unlimited transportation and unlimited free movement, as well as complete purification of the Earth from all types of impurities and toxic wastes. THE FIRST PROJECT - IN MORE DETAIL Electromagnetic source-engine has been developed by the Nanoworld Labboratory since 1989. Electromagnetic source-engine works non-stop, unlimited time, without fuel or input power, turns on at the same time. Today’s name for ESE is "EmDrive". However, no one in the world understands why the electromagnetic source is the lectromagnetic engine and how it can be. By 2019, we developed several series of several generations of ESE ("EmDrive") - for various ways to turn on and apply. The final stage of our work is the identification and debugging of switching on modes of non-stop generation-traction. Modes of the source-engine can be activated independently, or combined modes are possible . The cost of source-engine is 1-10 EVRO per 1 kW of non-stop power-traction. On the basis of the electromagnetic source-engine, it is possible to produce non-fuel flying suits, non-fuel flying buildings, non-fuel flying vehicles - airplanes - rockets - non-fuel transport - ground - air - ocean - space, non-fuel aircraft platforms for super high-speed construction on the ground, devices for atomic gold and rare elements production (without mining ore works and chemical processing of ore) in the amount of millions of tons per year, laser and other tools for cutting, softening and molding rocks and many other tools of the latest generation of technology. The earliest known analogue of the electromagnetic source-engine was declared in the USSR in 1973 and was awarded the Medal of the World Exhibition in Europe in 1993. Today, some electromagnetic engine solutions are constructed with the lowest power and thrust. They are c called "EmDrive" and tested in NASA and CAST in orbit of the Earth. In reality, there is no need to put ESE ("EmDrive") into orbit, since it is switched on by an electromagnetic pulse or a blow (if a ferroelectric or piezoelectric is included in the working body), instantly starts from any place and then works without fuel consumption or input power The essence of EmDrive is the energy source-engine (in short, the source-engine). The source-engine in the inclusion phase causes vibration in the crystal-like substructure of the ether, which in the working phase leads to the emission of electromagnetic energy from the substructure of the ether, which we use for our needs and for traction. Ether is modeled in the 19th century by JK Maxwell. It is on the basis of the ethereal paradigm that JK Maxwell developed electrodynamics, which is adequate and relevant at present. The crystal-like structure of the ether, composed of standing waves, is consistent with the latest theories of solitons, with the theory of automatic control and other latest developments. These theories and experimental data allow us to model, describe, explain the work, research experimentally, calculate and execute the latest highly maneuverable and powerful engineering implementations of ESE ("EmDrive"), with any necessary power and thrust. The largest scientific centers of the world that do not have a modern working scientific model of the ether (NASA, CAST and the like), in our opinion, can neither explain the mechanisms of action, nor accurately predict, calculate and implement the parameters of working devices. We know how to do it. We CAN turn on a number of source-engine implementations in the near future, as well as create a number of technologies of the latest generation or their basis.

  • THE SECOND PROJECT 3D GENETIC CODE We propose to jointly complete and implement the development of an international service to accurately determine the spatial structures of protein molecules. We discovered and substantiated that the spatial model of a protein is determined by its nucleotide sequence. Today, accurate modeling of protein structures is the most urgent and not satisfied until now need of all without exception specialized and related laboratories of the world in the field of pharmacology, medicine, bioengineering, all other areas of basic and applied research. At present, protein structures are determined by X-ray structural analysis, which is inaccurate, uninformative, long to implement and costly. Also, the method of X-ray structural analysis is suitable only for 3% of proteins. Daily ordered from 60 structures of 10 000 Euro on average. Our method is suitable for almost all studied and unexplored proteins and, in contrast to X-ray structural analysis, does not require high costs in the execution of orders, and also has high execution speed, accuracy and information content.

  • THE THIRD PROJECT REJUVENATION AND UNLIMITED LIFE EXTENSION We propose to jointly complete and implement the development of creating a means for returning the body to a young age and the subsequent unlimited extension of life. The laboratory mouse, which was injected with the blood of pregnant mice, remained young and did not grow old while the injections continued — exceeding the life expectancy by one and a half times. The aging stop signal produces an embryo (embryo) of pregnant mice - in the form of a group of immortaline hormones. Having isolated these hormones, we can produce them industrially and introduce them to people daily, rejuvenating them and indefinitely prolonging the youth of humanity. THE THIRD PROJECT - IN MORE DETAIL It has been experimentally proven that the embryo produces a signal (mRNA packed in exosomes), which enters the hypothalamus of the expectant mother through the blood. As a result, the body returns to reproductive biological age for the duration of the signal. If the signal is repeated daily, then the body can be in reproductive biological age indefinitely. Embryo hormones form a group of immortalins that disable phenoptosis (programmed death). This is a group of about 14 hormones. We need to know their codes. One of these hormones is detected by us. This is an analogue of hypothalamic somatostatin, which replaces hypothalamic somatostatin in the body, but is a “dummy”, i.e. does not inhibit the production of growth hormone - somatotropin. As a result, the regeneration of tissues, in particular, muscle tissue, is resumed, and the musculature of older women becomes again like that of young women. The remaining approximately 13 hormones, immortalins, we also have to determine.

  • Elon, your looking for the cheapest and most safety conscious method to colonize mars ? Why not design a horizontal landing tunnel borer ?

  • Elon Musk

  • First you need an on demand power source. With it you can colonize the Moon and Mars. Having such a power source would reduce our dependence on oil by 47%. Unfortunately it would also make solar and wind power completely obsolete. Batteries would be a thing of the past also. Don't worry, Its Coming.....Longevity testing is to begin this summer.

  • The Rocket needs a Tripod landing gear system, to stabilize the landing upright! It should start approximately 1/3 of the distance up the Rocket, and then angle off until they reach the ground. They can be activated by hydraulics. They can also have a telescopic function to ensure absolute stability of the Rocket Landing! In addition, Antigravity (equalization), could be utilized that would assist in the takeoff and landings. Finally, Terraforming should be started prior to ever sending a Manned Spacecraft to Mars. We could send a Craft that could activate the process through either Nuclear or other means. Causing evaporation of the Ice present there under the surface. I am available to share all ideas thoroughly. Godspeed, Michael C

  • All terrian imaginable Earth vehicle.

  • I have an idea don't know how to go about it but it is somthing that will be a game changer and also trend as well.

  • FREE BEER! Now that I have your attention I have a proposal on how to obtain said free beer. There is a cloud of alcohol (ethyl alcohol – the happy juice found in beer, wine, and spirits) floating in space. This isn’t a small cloud either. There is enough alcohol in this cloud to make 400 trillion pints of beer. That is one hell of a keg party. The bad news is it is 10,000 light years away in the constellation of Aquila. It’s unlikely we could get to the cloud any time soon. However it is not impossible. The booze cloud, known as G34.3, is so large (1000 times the size of our solar system) our solar system could drown itself inside many times over. A collection of alcohol of this magnitude would make Elon Musk the indefinite king of the party.

  • For The Attention of Elron. Congratulations on the splash down! I have an idea for a system to land the nose cones of your rockets autonomous. I would be in having a chat with your R & D team. Best regards John Hill.

  • A large space-station skeleton, consisting out of a one launch multi interconnected container like structures (30 folded units!), that do deploy automatically on command, in any direction. Further, do accommodate it with additional dedicated launches, into docking bay(s), power station (sun collectors), observatory, labs, personnel chambers, etc... Together; build your space village(s)! Available copyrighted drawings and 3D available design.

  • The Zero gravity launch project For the first time in the world Dear, Musk.Elon - professional engineer- thanks for your trying to human generation and inventing new ways to conquer the space. I am an Iranian researcher, inventor and official member of theCentral association of Iranian inventors. I have been researching rocket launchers for many years, and I have concluded that rocket launching is taking place in classical form for a hundred years entirely and rockets in the moment of lift off from the ground for overcoming on the gravity, needs to fuel and much power which increases the cost of launching for military or space affairs. So, with the design of the anti-gravity reactor, Ihave succeeded in zero outing the weight of any rocket in the reactor environment, which can be several kilometers long. Thus, any rocket with any mass is thrown at complete weightlessness, and as a result, the fuel and the power that were used to overcome on the gravitational force, here only are usedto accelerate and speed up a complete weightless rocket. This feature not only reduces itconsumed fuel, but also accelerates it speed at time of exiting from the anti-gravity reactor. Also, due to the full weightlessness of the rocket, we will not have refuelinglimit. This is a massive development in the third millennium for the aerospace industry and ithas a several hundred million dollars' worth. I am willing to work with you to operate the project (Zero Gravity) in the United States. Please contact me if you would like to operate it in the United States, and if you do not respond to this letter, it shows that you would not be willing to cooperate, and this project will be offered to operate in the space agency of Russia, China or Europe. Thanks a lot

  • The Zero gravity launch project For the first time in the world Dear, Musk.Elon - professional engineer- thanks for your trying to human generation and inventing new ways to conquer the space. I am an Iranian researcher, inventor and official member of theCentral association of Iranian inventors. I have been researching rocket launchers for many years, and I have concluded that rocket launching is taking place in classical form for a hundred years entirely and rockets in the moment of lift off from the ground for overcoming on the gravity, needs to fuel and much power which increases the cost of launching for military or space affairs. So, with the design of the anti-gravity reactor, Ihave succeeded in zero outing the weight of any rocket in the reactor environment, which can be several kilometers long. Thus, any rocket with any mass is thrown at complete weightlessness, and as a result, the fuel and the power that were used to overcome on the gravitational force, here only are usedto accelerate and speed up a complete weightless rocket. This feature not only reduces itconsumed fuel, but also accelerates it speed at time of exiting from the anti-gravity reactor. Also, due to the full weightlessness of the rocket, we will not have refuelinglimit. This is a massive development in the third millennium for the aerospace industry and ithas a several hundred million dollars' worth. I am willing to work with you to operate the project (Zero Gravity) in the United States. Please contact me if you would like to operate it in the United States, and if you do not respond to this letter, it shows that you would not be willing to cooperate, and this project will be offered to operate in the space agency of Russia, China or Europe. Thanks a lot

  • Hello, my name is John, some of my past experiences include teaching at Yale and Cornell for biochem, and working as a scientist. A group in New Zealand recently conducted an experiment on how to create blood from scratch, by free-falling off a cliff creating a 0G environment, ultimately they resulted in failure but got extremely close to recreating blood. I truly believe that if you sent me and my team up to space that it would be possible to recreate blood and also add "mutations" to the blood- to motify it, like never before. Me and my team spent the past 10 years researching the effect of a 0G environment on liquids- most specifically blood. We already have the formula for how to make this blood all we need is to get in a 0G environment (space), this is the future and I do believe that we can work together for the better good. Please email me with any further questions at

  • Mr. Musk I want to told you that about my future spaceship (UFO ) project . I made a High tech formula for future spaceship .this spaceship is very powerful then to other rocket spaceship because its run by only natural gas and can't to be used any liquid , and fuel . This spaceship is pollution free because it's a high technical engine spaceship and I used my best formula for planets gravity . And other information is this spaceship is world's first fastest spaceship .

  • Can I please get a interview with Elon Musk , at the SpaceX HeadQuarters

  • India just blew up a satellite which just puts more junk into orbit. I think Space X should provide a service where it will destroy your satellite for you with full confidentiality. I'm imagining a rocket that attaches itself to a satellite and pushes it into a safe reentry so if India has a spy satellite it needs to get rid of they can pay you to do it instead of causing a bunch of debris in orbit.

  • Can me and my friends get a interveiw with Mr.Musk . I can explain this in person, not in typing. it is really long and tiring and good idea

  • Elon Musk, Magnetic Propel barrel to transport goods to space. That will eliminate the need to carry the weight of solid/liquid propellant. Massive high power cells (capacitors banks) to run the coils. The energy can be slowly stored up from Solar PV for a period of time. The receiving end have the same coils to speed break the cargo and store the energy. It will be interesting to test how fast Electromagnetic force can propel an object in space ~ % speed of light. For spacecraft case, it will only need minimum propellant for directional thrusting.

  • Hi Elon I am from South Africa, Villieria, Pretoria.Same age as you but I am sure we never meet, because I was from a Afrikaans school. I had a look at the old famous classic movie "Cool runnings". Watching the Bobsled slide at high speed in the Ice tube track. I immediately thought off your Hyperloop idea. If you freeze the core track for the pod with a liquid nitrogen in the centre or maybe using solar. Don't you think it will reduce the friction on the track to give you a higher speed for the pod. You could maybe do the same with the bogie mechanism. The lower temperature will also have an positive affect on magnetic fields.I am not an qualified engineer, but logic tells me it is maybe a possibility.I am curious to see what people comment on this concept. Thank you for making our world a better place. I am sure all South African support Jack Harris above ""FREE BEER ""Brilliant man"". The best idea off the century hahah

  • i am having bullet loop plan i want to start a new project i any one want to get involve just contact on my email although i want you to use ion based movement that is used in space shuttel in hyper loop in cotrol manner as it wil help you to achive your speed

  • Guys sattalite debris. Why not space rumba. Unmanned shuttle with internally padded container so to not be destroyed as the shuttle uses it as a net for the scrap then dumps said FLOATING container in the ocean to await pickup.

  • Hi I just have some ideas to tell to Space X about the nuclear waste? since every people is talking about to bury nuclear waste deep in to earth,throw into the sun (its dangerous) or seal with solid meterial why just have contract with world goverment to throw nuclear waste in to the JUPITER the cleaner and the mother of our solar system why I choose this platform to address this since successful flight of falcon heavy I think it's possible to reach JUPITER for just dumping this waste or we can sling shot from

  • Practicality and cost-efficient. NASA's project for a lunar outpost has my full support. I agree with research being conducted on the surface as a redefined approach. Especially with their Habitation Module being planted with WAVAR equipment. Very smart on their part, I would love to offer insight, as well as hear a response but I doubt my voice will stand out amongst the rabble. -S

  • To save more money and fuel, you can use a zeppelin based launch platform to make the launches at around 10-20 km altitude could be a good idea to research for. Im sure some interesting numbers will come up after taking a deep look to this idea.

  • Hello there, I am no physicist. I’m no rocket scientist. In fact I’m an 11 year old boy that just has good ideas so please listen to mine. I have been thinking about this for a few years now. My idea is a piece of biotech that is a contact lens that shows a display of anything your thinking of. This would be powered by the kinetic energy of your eyelid when you blink. Therefore, you don't need to charge it and you could also make these into contacts with the same material as any other contact lens for your eye prescription. This would make them waterproof. This biotech could be beneficial for a lot of reasons. One idea is bluetooth. We all know that bluetooth and wireless things are starting to rule the world. Thus, doing this could make people start wanting to use this product because they will not have to buy any extra accessories to make it work. Another idea is that these contacts are hooked up to nerves in your eyes that receive brain signals and these brain signals will be put into these contacts which then act as the receiver in your eyes that send this image back to your retinas that would display it on the contacts. This would not only make you more of a pioneer but it would also rocket off your company Neuralink. And this invention could not only be a business necessity this could also result in a business contract with video games and companies like Bethesda or Epic Games. Depending on the amount you sell them for, your stock could jump like a kangaroo on a hot stove. I am sincerely sorry for my lack of vocabulary & knowledge. I am in 5th grade. If you are interested in the topic I would appreciate discussing matters over the phone. Again if you are interested, I wanted to share this idea with you, and I would like to talk business with employees of yours. Thanks for paying attention to this. I think this is a good choice. You do so much for us and this country. Thank you. Sincerely, -spencer jameson stoval-

  • So, I had a crazy idea. Maybe you can make something of it. First, you would need to design an unmanned space probe with ass robust communications array, a powerful computer control system capable of networking and performing tandem operations, a precision motion control system, radio telescope equipment, a radio mass spectrometer, and finally a large mirror mounted on a precision control system. Next, you would need to make a great many (hundreds of thousands if not millions) of these and send them to the asteroid belt. The primary function of this system is to use the radio telescope equipment in tandem to blanket the solar system in an observation network. This monitoring system should be capable of tracking all moving objects in the solar system. It the system observes an object moving in a manner that will endanger the Earth, it will task several thousand units to align their mirrors to reflect sunlight onto the side of the offending object. This will create heat which will cause gas expansion and change the trajectory of the object. It is a system to safeguard Earth from killer asteroids. You could be the hero who saves the Earth. The secondary function of this system is to redirect sunlight towards Mars using the precision controlled mirrors to raise the ambient temperature and begin the greenhouse terraforming process. This is the part I thought you might be most interested in. The third use of this system lies in using the radio mass spectrometer to map and locate resources in the asteroid belt. Knowing where the resources are located would be of great help when humanity is finally ready to collect them, and knowledge is power. Additionally, this system could be used as a communications network by commercial mining operations like cellphone towers in space. Also it may be possible to effect unwanted weather on Earth with precision application of heat using the mirrors to dissipate hurricanes, by this is just hypothesis. So, in closing, please don't use this system to hold the world hostage (joke!) I've had some other ideas like using repourposed intercontinental ballistic missiles loaded with algae spores and nitrafiang bacteria to speed up the terraforming process of Mars and using Nicola Tesla's theorized null sphere technology to achieve faster than light travel. Drop a line if you want to hear more.

  • Hi There, I need to tell You about what works and doesn't work. A far off place and race has given me downloads of tech that allows people to bounce through portals at the speed of light and this must be done with care. Get back to me immediately therefore You would and will stop having issues with what realm people may go into with the Invisitech. hahahah :) Do I know too much or do ya'll know too little. I need security clearances quick. :) Facebook me especially for quick results at Kiernan Kit Hinks. I also just Nuetralized the Nuclear Rods in the Fugishima Oceans. MUCH LOVE ... MMMMMMMM YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  • I was wondering if instead of hauling a ton of liquid 02 to space you could send materials to make a liquid nitrogen generator and produce it then expose it to atmosphere on ship to get 02 and have a station producing large quantities prior to launch also incorporating it into the ship possibly so you could produce as a makeshift only liquid 02 fuel as a last resort or even for a fuel mixture for on surface power production and I also have ideas for self sustaining hydroponic gardens that incorporate into the Martian City plumbing and drinking water I also would say sending a device that stores excess power with momentum would be easier in space than on Earth with spinning disks

  • With regard to alternative propulsion methodologies for space vehicle launches, has anyone looked into aoustic levitation? It has successfully been accomplished in laboratory environments on a small scale, proving the technology has a valid hypothesis. It would appear that if this technology could be adapted to macro applications, there would be no need for the tons of highly flammable propellants required to reach escape velocity.

  • Can you add this part in Tesla so we can forget about charging? Please see the video

  • I have an idea for you that probably only you [elon] could get done, or work out and have the capability to do. This has probably already been thought of, or maybe not because it is a honestly practical idea that is in the now, that may or may not be cost effective or sustainable, but definitely worth a look. This idea could solve the global problem. Curious? -DRR

  • I have an idea that is some sort like the perpetual motion. I know it is impossible for us to create an unlimited source of energy because the amount of energy is always decreasing. So my idea has something to do about the theory of relativity. What if we could create something that we can detached from where it is relative to? Like a standing still rock, if we could remove its relativity from earth, then the speed of it would be equal to the speed of earth around the sun. and if we remove it from that relativity , it will increase and will be come something like the speed of our solar system moving.

  • My names David Bloodworth, SPT. Im a former D1 shortstop for OSU. I proceeded to play overseas in Check Republic, Prague, as well as, Regensburg, Germany for the Legionnaires . Currently I am in The Doctor Of Physical Therapy Program at The University of Southern California. I am a avid licensed skydiver, I have recently started my high altitude training. This past year I was thinking about Felix baumgardner skydiving from the edge of the hemisphere. My very creative thoughts was, I want to prove that can be done over and over again (bc honestly it can). So right now I’m wear sensory that are not made but I have manipulated to get the variables of the day ya needed (I redirected my hero’s computer where it shows the pitch and role and I’m planted into my sensor, works like a dimeee! So what I care here to pitch is that I had the opportunity, I’m asking you to shoot me 58 miles up so I can come down and land on my feet! And the main reason for me really is to find something about our body we have not found yet and also testing the right equipment within trials and errors Didn’t wanna write so long but recently have been doing research that’s very interesting: the use of peptides and or new stem cell types, not for bone but strands which let ur veins keep memory 2144031222 David A. Bloodworth, SPT CSCS

  • Put wings on the Hyperloop: How about launching SpaceX from rail guns — roller coaster style? Maybe even landing to tracks(on the moon)?

  • Submission of an idea for gathering data about failed landings.. It occurred to me when the Indian satellite lost contact at the moment of landing that had the had small drone that it released just before it landed - the drone would serve a couple of purposes, one is to establish independent communications back to earth, establish communication to the space craft (this should be done during final descent). Another purpose is to take a video of the landing of the space craft and send back to earth the videos along with other important readings from the space craft before contact is lost. If the landing is successful then the drone re-docks onto the space craft to recharge and be of further use during the ensuing mission.

  • Hello Elon, We have the one and only solution how to save the planet. We are uniting the native tribes in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , Colombia (afer183 years!!!of tribal conflicts) the caretakers and owners of worlds most important irreplaceable natural reserve (nb 1 in the scientific ratings published in the sience magazin article 2013) with a Unity and Peace contract without conditions recognizing the necessity of unity to save culture, land and people right now. (contract is arriving tomorrow. The leaders of tribes Mamo Casique Jose Miguel and Mamo Casique Ramon Gil have asked us for help to save the Unescu national park Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. After deep contemplation this is the solution: A natural reservoir monitoring software in the form of an online community in public domain creating the data and statistics necessary to get a global overview and the possibility to collectively find the solutions to existing problems threatining the 137 essencial irreplacable natural reservoirs of planet earth .Interconnecting the caretakers and privat NGO`s working in the reservoirs with one another, giving them the option to create reliable up to date reports with pictures, videos and description of current situation and connecting the worlds experts of nature reserve and create up to date statistics available to the world community and nature reserve NGO`s and experts worldwide. FOR FREE : We are beginning to develop it. I am sure this is music in your ears. We really can use help here. We are looking foreward for your inspiration and support. As the website is not online yet please answer to With all my Heart, Samy

  • Hello, i just sent the 100% shure description how to safe our planet. Please take my message very serious and make sure it reaches Elon Musk. in case you will publish my text please make sure you take out my e-mail adress. We are founding an NGO for Global public monitoring of the most important natural reservoirs on earth and Mr.Musk is the first to ask for advice here. Please take this message very serious. We, as world community have 137 essencial reservoirs of 173000 that are irreplaceble and essencial for our survival. Thank you very much. Samy Koenigsdorff

  • that's how fast the Earth flies around the sun: All other planets are also listed! TESLA produced live:

  • I have a idea for using solar power centrifugal force and magnetic levitation to reach light speed I have the concept but not the technical or financial ability to develop it. I would like to discuss it with someone who does. The future of mankind depends on us overcoming the light speed problem. Thanks

  • I’m a person of Limited means so I don’t know how great this idea would work but here it is.. what if once your spaceship is in space you had two very strong magnets facing each other,one mounted to the back of the ship and another attached to something like a hydraulic press so you could bring it closer to the one on the ship..the force/push from that in the weightlessness of space could in theory push the ship faster than trying to use fuel and Combustion..I’m not sure if it would work as I imagine it but if it did we wouldn’t need a ton of fuel to reach insane speeds..anyway I love what you are trying to accomplish and keep up the good work. Thanks for your time..

  • I have an idea about what to do with some of the land that has now been exposed by the melting ice cap. Happy to share if you get in touch.

  • I have an idea how to create an engine powered by gravity.

  • Re/ starship radiation shield. I suggest an outer “ugly sweater” that can be equines and removed in orbit. These could be constructed in orbit and “worn” by starship back and forth to Mars but would be left at the top of the gravity well when starship goes down.

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