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How To Approach Bottom-Up Innovation By Innovation Cloud - 4 min read

How To Approach Bottom-Up Innovation


If you were ever in charge of managing the development of one idea, you know how hard is taking care of all things such as time planning, resource management, activity tracking and many more. You no longer have to imagine a future where the development of ideas is as easy as having ideas in the first place. With the online innovation management platform - Innovation Cloud Enterprise, you will be able to guide your ideas from imagination to realization. 

To understand how easily you can manage the whole innovation process from one single platform, we prepared for you a set of blogs and videos. So, let’s start our innovation process by exploring the first phase – the Discovery phase.

First of all, you need to gather your innovation community. Our platform provides an easy and effective way to invite new members and immediately assign appropriate access for them based on their role in your innovation process. There is an option to include the external exports and other relevant stakeholders.

When everyone’s on board, you can start to co-develop and improve your ideas through the four phases of the idea management process:

  • Sumbission
  • Review
  • Scoring and
  • Approval.
Take a look at our video, explaining you each step of idea management proces applying bottom-up ideation approach.
Submission phase
The Idea workflow starts with the idea submission form. Anyone from your organization can easily submit an idea.

On idea submission form you need to describe your idea, define the access and place it in the Idea Folder. You can always configure this form and collect a specific set of data to analyze the performance of your innovation process.

When the idea is added and improved through collaboration, idea owner will send the idea further to review phase.

Review phase

The Idea Reviewer is a person within your innovation process responsible of reviewing all ideas. He will be notified to go through submitted ideas, provide professional feedback and make a decision on whether to send the idea to scoring or back to rework for further clarification. 

My tasks section on your dashboard will inform you of all the important actions that you need to perform depending on your role in the system.

Reviewers will make sure that only the good ideas are sent to the next phase, reducing the risk of wrong idea selection in the early phase.

Scoring phase

In the scoring sheet, Scorers will evaluate the ideas by a predefined set of criteria. Innovation Cloud enables you to customize scorecard to include important parameters relevant to your business. Scorecard usually includes a set of criteria against each idea can be measured.

The scoring results will be shown in the Scoring tab. This information will help the Approver make the right decision on the most relevant and promising ideas.

Approval phase

Once the scoring step is complete, scored ideas are ready for the final decision.

As the Approver, you will decide whether to put this idea on hold if the timing is not right, reject it if it is not in line with your efforts, store it in your database for later usage or approve it for further development. In case the idea needs additional improvement, send it back to rework. Score result will give a better understanding of a potential idea value to your Approvers.

The connected workflow of Innovation Cloud allows you to immediately start developing innovation from this idea by clicking the Start Idea Development button.

The outcome of a properly configured ideation process facilitates later business plan development.


Innovation Cloud provides advanced real-time reports to give you a detailed insight into your ideation process. Starting with an overview of essential data for each idea and activity of your team, through a specific set of data relevant for your business, reports will help you make the right decision.

This was the bottom-up approach to idea management. To learn how to start a top-down initiative in the Discovery phase, watch our video Innovation Cloud Enterprise Challenges.

Hope you enjoy using our software solutions! 




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