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Innovation management software as a business accelerator By Deana - 4 min read

Innovation management software as a business accelerator

Managing an innovation process is a strenuous job and requires constant decision making, starting with the smallest of details. In order to make a well-informed decision, you must gather as much relevant information as possible and make sure that it is all done in an agreeable time span so that the decision you make is both effective and efficient in the end. Thanks to innovative technologies and software, your decision-making process will be improved and will also encourage others to collaborate. This is where Innovation Cloud platform steps in and helps you improve your decision-making process, boost engagement and information flow, and make sure your innovation process is right on track.

First decision: get a software (if you haven’t already)

Many business owners are still hesitant when it comes to incorporating new technologies into their business. Apart from the crucial technologies needed for the production process and some basic communication technologies, everything else seems like an unnecessary expense. The most common misconception is that such software is a cost and not an investment that will pay off once you have it up and running. Then there are the aversions towards new processes, because why would you change something if it worked so far? Perhaps to get even better results!? Everything is changing rapidly, so in order to stay in the game, your business must adopt new technologies and adapt. Thanks to all these cool new technologies such as Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud computing and a user-friendly and fun design, Innovation Cloud makes sure to provide your business with a platform that will surpass your expectations and help you every step of the way in your decision-making process.

Need some cool new ideas or answers to a certain issue? What are you waiting for - call everyone to participate!

To manage your innovation process, you need to have access to the right information. Creating a specific campaign and a call for action will shift focus to the most important issues you have and make sure that everyone is aware of the requirements. By making it fun and rewarding the best idea you will further boost the engagement. This top-down initiative ensures that you clearly communicate your direction of thought to everyone, or just a certain group important for a specific issue, and ask them to step in and help out with new ideas, answers to a problem, feedback..., you name it. The ideation process has never been more fun and easy, and its structured design will make sure you are not wasting any time getting your answer.

It works both ways!

Innovation Cloud’s ideation works both ways and boosts collaboration even more. By incorporating both top-down and bottom-up initiatives, you will be sure that everyone is heard and that vital information is reaching you from all levels and sectors. Of course, you have to make sure to motivate your team members to participate and make sure that you acknowledge their efforts. You never know where a good idea,or a vital piece of information, will come from next!

Funneling through

No time to waste! Thanks to its structured design, you will be sure that everything is going according to plan and that all ideas and feedback are reviewed and scored so that only the ones that fulfill the requirements are finding their way to the top. In a short period of time, you will have the best idea or answer you’ve been looking for, concerning your innovation process, and managing your business as well.

Real-time insight and decisions

Since the platform allows you to create a virtual copy of your organization, with the exact same roles and responsibilities, it will make it easier for everyone to connect remotely and work on their assignments. This will help you track progress in real-time and take adequate actions if needed. It allows you to have full insight on the go 24/7 and makes your decision process easier. The phase-gate approach helps you even further by making sure that you cannot go to the next phase of the development process if the prior phase wasn’t complete to a satisfactory level. This will avoid unnecessary costs and waste of time and effort.

Such a complete platform is more than a tool not only in your innovation process but almost in every other aspect of your business, since it can be connected to your existing ERP software and provide you with even more detailed information. The innovation process is not a one-man job, so you have to make sure that everyone is on board and welcome to participate. Innovation Cloud can make your innovation process more effective and efficient and make your decision making process easier!

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