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Innovations taking Halloween to the next level By Deana - 4 min read

Innovations taking Halloween to the next level

Love it or hate it, Halloween is one of the most famous holidays, known amongst all religious groups, nations and, of course, generations. One of the most exciting times of the year when kids can dress as whatever they wish to be and live that role. Although Halloween stretches its roots far back, centuries ago, when it used to be a pagan tradition, nowadays it has really grown in popularity. It became a multi-billion market that includes costumes, candy, decorations and anything you wish to add to spice up your Halloween.

But why is Halloween interesting to us innovators? It’s not like we are going to design a new costume or create a new type of decoration. Or it might actually be just that. Innovations tend to spice up everything and with their own twist enhance the Halloween experience even more, making it scarier and more exciting, all in favour of great fun. If you are hoping to win the best-decorated house in the neighbourhood maybe this article is for you. Or, if you are on the other side and you have your own candy, decoration and costume business, maybe it’s time for you to offer your customers something to remember Halloween by.

Augmented Reality – The Halloween way

We’ve talked plenty about how augmented reality is becoming a part of our everyday life. From gaming, teaching, watching concerts and visiting museums. It’s about time for the daredevils to try out augmented Halloween reality. Visiting a haunted house might be like a walk in the park after this.

Animated Decorations

A lot of the cool stuff we could only see in certain theme parks where ghost-like figures that float and move right in front of our eyes and laugh and scream seem so real. And if you add some spooky audio to it, for a second there you aren’t sure if you’ve somehow stepped into this other dimension where you are able to see the dead and other-earthly creatures. What was once exclusive for big theme parks is now at your disposal to create a spooky yet mesmerizing animated decoration thanks to the development of new technologies. We all know that witches and zombies aren’t going to start chasing us around but the detailed work put into them, combined with other scary decorations, makes you believe, just for a second, that they really did come to life.

Halloween House Projector

It’s interesting how our mind can play games with us even without the latest technology. Imagine what an exuberant show a Halloween house projector added to your decoration could do to boost the imagination even more. A holographic ghost here, and alien there, just imagine mixing and matching different technologies reserved for movies and theme parks. The Halloween industry is a multibillion industry and it took Halloween to the next level. From simple trick or treats and kids going door to door, these exuberant performances are constantly looking into new ways of setting the bar high.

Trick or treat tracker

You wouldn’t want your kids wandering from door to door at night and not knowing where they are, especially when everything is set and supposed to be as creepy as possible. That’s where the trick or treat tracker steps in. It helps you track your kids as they trick or treat.

When it comes to tracking, there are also geo-tracking containers that let you log the place where you got some pretty cool candy, so that when you go back home, you can easily see pinpointed places on the map. This will help you for your next year’s strategy of gathering the best candy in the neighbourhood.

Special effects

Now, who doesn’t want to go a bit over the top? Love them or hate them, spiders and spider webs are simply a must for Halloween. Creating spider webs has become more simple. Spray it here and there and voila. Oh, and don’t forget to add a few animated spiders that will fall from the tree or start chasing someone.  Maybe put a sign that everyone approaches your home on their own responsibility!

What is so cool and fun about innovations is that we will be seeing more and more innovations being used commercially. We will be seeing a lot of traditional holidays transformed and spiced up with all kinds of innovative technologies. That is the fun side of innovations. Even if you are a grown-up and if Halloween isn’t your holiday, such twists cannot leave you indifferent. When innovations are done right and used in a witty way, they will almost always bring out the children in us.

Deana - Content creator
Content creator

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