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Innovative technologies that can benefit your business By Deana - 3 min read

Innovative technologies that can benefit your business

Innovative trends and technologies are constantly emerging and pushing the limits of the world as we know it. The Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Human Augmentation, Big Data and Machine Learning are just a few great examples of what the Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought us. Here are a few more innovative technologies and trends to follow and pay attention to, that can benefit your business, and will surely further transform our reality.

Digital Twins

Digital twins represent a virtual copy of the physical world. This means that you can easily simulate any aspect of the physical world, and include all of its objects and processes. So, no matter the project you are working on, you can easily simulate it and gain insights into all of its aspects as if you were looking at it and testing it in real-life. This not only helps you remove all possible errors and flaws but also provides you with information on how to maintain them in the future.

Combined with IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning and other innovative technologies, it can go way and beyond with predictions and provide you with even more detailed and accurate simulations and predictions. The use of this technology is great, from product development, optimization, smart city and planning, disaster recovery, you name it. Cost reduction and efficiency boost are just some of the obvious benefits of Digital Twins. It is projected that the Digital Twin Market will reach US$ 35.8bilion in value by 2025. The possibilities are almost endless, can your business benefit from this technology?

Additive manufacturing

Another digital to physical transformation. Additive manufacturing might as well be 3D printing raised to the next level. Building physical objects from a digital print, but in this case using metal powder such as steel, nickel-based alloy and cobalt-chrome melted by a laser beam, layer after layer. This innovative technology reduces production cost, raw material consumption and gives you the option of creating custom tools and parts that are stronger, lighter and more durable. It also provides the opportunity to create more complex structures and all that with shorter development cycles.

This technology can be applied cross-industries and will help transform not only prototyping but product development as well. Construction, marine, aerospace, medical and automotive industries are just some of the top of the list which can highly benefit from this innovative approach, and you may be the one of them!

Extended Reality

We’ve already talked about MR, VR and AR, and, as we can see, it’s becoming an every-day part of our lives, both professional and personal aspects of it. The lines between reality and virtual reality are slowly becoming blurred. We are witnessing physical objects and environments being transferred into digital worlds and vice versa. The human experience is being influenced and stimulated in unprecedented ways. Perception and behavior are gaining a new perspective from the fusion of these two worlds.

Besides it being used for entertainment purposes, XR (cross reality) is becoming a great educational and training tool. If we include the current and ongoing situation with remote working, XR has provided many great solutions to overcome obstacles. It has great potential in many industries, and will certainly find its way around your business as well.

It seems that now more than ever we have a pool of innovations to choose from to improve our business in some way or use as an inspiration. It is also a period when innovations flourish and where nothing seems impossible. A pretty good time to become an innovator if you were hesitant. The competition is fierce, but that is why you need someone you can rely on throughout your whole innovation process. That someone is Innovation Cloud. We know that innovations rarely happen overnight, that it is a time-consuming process and takes up a lot of effort and resources. Innovation Cloud is there to assist you in every step of this journey, and maybe together we’ll come up with the next best thing!

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