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Manage innovation via digital transformation By Andjela - 3 min read

Manage innovation via digital transformation

We are well into the era of physical-digital fusion, both in our personal lives and in business. The line is getting ever delicate, but if we look at the business aspect, we see that digital transformation is a stage that most successful organizations have already passed through. Why are all these organizations adopting digital strategies? It turned out that going digital was never a goal by itself; rather, it is a means of implementing procedures meant to promote value generation.

What do your teams achieve?

Digital transformation is not really about technology, it is about empowering your employees by expanding their knowledge and skills, yet people are usually fearful of and averse to change. As observed in practice, transformation fatigue is real and it can hurt your business. When employees are reluctant to change, management typically abandons their digital transformation program, missing out on the potential to upgrade the current state of management. Digital transformation is still a relatively uncharted issue for many organizations, but it should not be underestimated, nor taken lightly. To tackle this issue and achieve a suitable degree of digital transformation, leadership needs to recognize worries and establish a clear strategy that is to be communicated at all levels. Quick wins might assist you in implementing digital transformation, as setting up milestones is a proven way to evaluate progress and adjust measures to achieve the main goal. Long-term goals for digital adopters include process improvement, mistake reduction, and increased productivity and motivation, but small triumphs must be celebrated in the short term as a way of demonstrating what has been accomplished and recognizing the work put forth in embracing new technology.

Automation changed the innovation process

One of the key reasons businesses abandoned offline management was to minimize manual activities and mistake rates, hence increasing productivity. This is accomplished by precisely automating existing operations and designing innovative processes that can only be performed with digital technology. While these technologies are very sophisticated and require a high degree of competence, the good news is that new generations of specialists already anticipate that IT systems will be up to the challenge. The aim of digital adoption is to empower your teams with the tools they need to accomplish more than they could earlier. As a result, higher productivity, which is fantastic in and of itself, has a beneficial influence on employee satisfaction and motivation to innovate.

Automation has produced a working climate in which employees regard certain of their everyday tasks as tiresome because they can be automated. We all want to do meaningful work, and this is maybe the most essential value generator in an organization. Many process improvements have arisen from digital transformation in the domain of innovation management, resulting in greater decision-making efficiency via the use of predictive analytics and reporting tools. Innovation management software that is both fully online and cloud-based allows your teams to participate in innovation processes from everywhere and in real-time. Along with features like interactive scoring systems that allow you to establish the criteria that will be evaluated by teams you assign, your business can save time and make educated decisions. Going digital assures that both large and small enterprises simplify complex process management.

Investing in people via digital transformation of your innovation processes is a great approach to keep your company’s vision alive while also adapting along the way. This process is an innovation within itself, and the procedures for managing innovation are in place and ready to make your digital vision a reality. Don’t pass up the opportunity that everyone is taking to automate processes and outperform your competitors. Begin with an exploratory call, or give us a line for scheduling a demo presentation of Innovation Cloud software.

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