Manage your ideas like a PRO By Innovation Cloud, 29.04.2015

Manage your ideas like a PRO

Hi Innovator,

We hope that FREE Innovation Cloud lived up to your expectations and that you will continue to enjoy its benefits for free. No strings attached.

If you missed to start a Free Innovation Cloud account, do it now: Free Account. You can use it to drive engagement and ideas of your team to real results in the simple, yet effective idea management online environment. No hidden costs, no installation or training needed. 

If by any means, your needs surpass the capabilities of the FREE account, we encourage you to try out our PRO Offer. 


Because with PRO account, you get full access to these beauties:

  • Unlimited number of Ideas
  • Unlimited number of Challenges
  • More Storage space
  • Scoring ideas
  • Sharing ideas
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Discussions App

All that is available to you starting from 25€ per month

We created several PRO packages you can choose from, or you can create your own package and send us your requirements. For an early access, send us a note to

Start managing ideas like a PRO!

Thank you for choosing and trusting Innovation Cloud services.  

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