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Sustainable future of tourism and travel By Andjela - 3 min read

Sustainable future of tourism and travel

In an era that has thus far championed sustainability as a way of life, it is hard to ignore one of the fastest expanding sectors, tourism, particularly hospitality. The worldwide response to sustainability, as well as the favorable reactions of both younger and older sectors of tourist customers, demonstrate the necessity of innovation in this business. Sustainability is prioritized, and significant efforts are being made to develop innovative solutions that will contribute to the preservation of tourism attractions in their current form. This implies reduced pollution, first and foremost at the global level, and subsequently at the level of specific destinations, as well as the potential emergence of new destinations that fit within this concept. New ideas emerge practically every day, and they come from all directions; here comes a series of several very interesting examples.

Electric aircraft from Swedish startup

ES-19 is an electric aeroplane that can fit 19 passengers with an operating range of 400 km. It is a fully electric aircraft that runs on a combination of electric motors and batteries. One of the primary advantages of electric flight is that it produces no pollutants and provides a smooth, silent flight experience. In addition to the comfort offered by electric aircrafts, the expenses associated with using this mode of transportation are substantially cheaper than those associated with traditional forms of air transportation. This results in more effective route organization as well as improved regional air mobility and connection for everybody.

Heart Aerospace, a Swedish aviation company, hopes to have the aircraft approved for commercial operation by 2026, and they appear to be on track to do so. Sweden expects all domestic travel to be fossil-fuel-free by 2030, thanks to government incentives and an established market for these aircrafts.

Luxury resort fosters the idea of fossil-free future

Innovations in tourism that we wish to see more of these days are destinations that, in addition to their natural charms, give us the impression that by just being there, we are contributing to global well-being. The Coral Bloom project includes 22 islands in the Red Sea that will be 100% supplied with renewable energy. This project is the vision of Saudi Arabia, aiming to provide its guests with a one-of-a-kind experience of staying in luxury resorts. It is entirely based on wind and solar energy, as well as massive battery storage.

French online platform Ecotable

Anyone who understands how critical sustainability is for our world now more than ever, wishes to contribute to raising that awareness. It is critical to have proponents of this lifestyle in the process, and with increasing awareness of the importance of this issue, we are seeing more and more innovative initiatives that support this goal. The French startup has discovered a method to connect restaurants that provide sustainable practices closer to a rising number of individuals who wish to participate in this concept. This is an excellent method to promote the ideals that these businesses represent, which are critical for the entire globe, not just today, but also for future generations.

Also, individuals who came up with such a brilliant concept did not waste time but went the extra mile. For those restaurants that have not yet modified their services to sustainability standards, Ecotable consults, guides, and educates influential actors in the food sector on how to adopt more socially responsible methods. Actually, they even have their own podcast series, “Sur le grille d’Écotable”, processing the most serious environmental, social, and health concerns affecting the catering sector.

Sustainability is steadily infiltrating every pore of society, and this is manifesting itself across industries. Its defining feature is innovation, and new advances in this sector provide us with a glimpse of what the world will look like and how our daily lives will unfold in the following years. Every initiative to improve the environment through innovation is adequately supported by digital innovation processes powered by Innovation Cloud. If you have already decided to embark on such projects, the most reliable partner you can have on this path is innovation management software. Schedule a demo now to learn more about how this solution may benefit you.

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