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The opportunities and risks of innovative marketing strategies By Andjela - 3 min read

The opportunities and risks of innovative marketing strategies

Building a stunning marketing campaign is a challenge every marketer faces. Creativity and innovation are essential tools for generating innovative ways to deliver a marketing message. Marketing innovation, of course, has something to do with traversing new and challenging landscapes, since being fresh and original is today’s most valuable quality. But what happens when a company is still not ready to adopt certain marketing strategies? We need to go deeper into the organization’s structure to see which parts are stalling. Is it possible that certain decision-makers are unprepared or hesitant to take risks with the innovative potential of their creative teams, or that creative teams are not sufficiently empowered to achieve their best?

If the second scenario applies, there are techniques to assist creatives who bring fresh ideas to the table in communicating them more effectively at the team level. Digital innovation management software adds another degree of assistance for creatives to advance their creativity in a collaborative and light atmosphere. Innovation Cloud, the innovation management software we designed to best suit any firm that wants to pursue its original vision, is highly important when you want to improve team efforts in a remote setting while also adding structure to the whole innovation process.

Higher levels of management, which are composed of individuals, some of whom are just unwilling to take chances with creative ideas that appear a little edgy, would really benefit enormously from knowing what creatives know and why they structure marketing the way they do. Another issue with the same solution: innovation management software that encourages transparency and participation across the whole innovation process. Digital innovation happens quickly, with cutting-edge technology enabling end-to-end innovation to develop and flourish while also benefiting from the best risk management approaches and tools.

And, for added encouragement, only take a look at these two bold marketing initiatives that were a huge success.

Anheuser-Busch and the “Born the Hard Way” campaign

Because of the current political context, which was not factored into the initial risk criteria, this ad was seen as extremely risky. It depicted the creator of AB InBev’s immigrant beginnings, with a nod to the American dream. Anheuser-Busch began work on this advertisement in 2016, with the goal of running it at the Super Bowl the following year. It just so happened that US President Donald Trump decided to ban immigration from mostly Muslim countries only days before the campaign kicked off. In reality, someone in the senior management structure could cancel the entire arrangement, but they went ahead with it and ended up with more than 21.7 million views.

Dominos - a game-changer

Dominos Pizza did something that most businesses would not do: they completely revamped their identity, including their actual offer. Their CEO, Patrick Doyle even said “There comes a time when you know you’ve got to make the change.” After receiving several complaints from consumers via online and offline means, they decided to modify everything, beginning with their product offering, ingredients, and recipes, and ending with confessing that their former method of creating pizza made the crust taste like "cardboard". This way, by identifying with their customers in making fun of their own products, they didn’t make a fool of themselves but instead connected with their audience on a deeper, more empathic level. It was a risk that paid off.

Finding the right measure while delivering risky ad campaigns is no longer a matter of chance because everything is measurable. If your organization is ready to experiment, measure and collect data about innovative ventures, the only thing left to do is outfit your workplace with innovation-friendly digital tools and software that promotes and fosters creativity and idea-sharing. Request your demo now to learn more about how digital innovation is altering the landscape of tomorrow.

Andjela - Content creator
Content creator

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