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Crowdsourcing made easy!

If you need more ideas for new products and services or feedback from your customers to improve existing ones, Crowdsourcing plug-in for Innovation Cloud will do it in just a 3 clicks. Yes, we are counting “Buy Now” click.
With our complete solution, one mouse click is enough to generate code for feedback form, which you can customize to suit your needs. After that, paste the code to your website and start collecting information.
Everything your website visitors leave as a feedback or an idea, will be neatly stored inside your own Innovation Cloud account, which you get with this package. There, you can turn meaningful information into ideas, nurture them and continue their development inside Innovation Cloud.
Team collaboration, voting, scoring are just some of the tools at your disposal for turning ideas into products or services that are exactly what your customers needed all along.
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Crowdsourcing Complete Package
  • Innovation Cloud     PRO 20 account
  • Crowdsourcing plugin
  • 1000 feedback every month