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Add ideas to Campaign

All users who have access to the campaign can add ideas. The Administrator is the only person who can create the Campaign and manage the access of the campaign. Campaigns can be public, private and shared. 

Users can add an idea to a campaign via:

1. Idea home page, ideaboard view gives you insight into campaign and it’s ideas. Select Campaign you want to add an idea to >  Big green Add new idea button allows you to directly add idea into selected campaign.

2. Idea home page, choosing dashboard view - hovering above the Light bulb icon beside single campaign details and activating the + sign allows you to directly add idea into a campaign.

3. Left navigation menu > Campaigns > Specific campaign > Right column > Tilted lightbulb  next to Collected ideas or the dark velvet button Add new idea to campaign.

4. Directly from the idea submission form. There is a drop down from which you can make your campaign selection and directly associate your idea with the chosen campaign.

These actions will open up the Idea submission form. Fill in the idea details and after the submission, it will be directly associated with the selected campaign .