Change log

v.20.30 (Dec 15, 2020)

1. Improved: Option to set tasks dates on Gant Chart.
2. Improved: Drag and drop option for setting dependencies on Gant Chart.
3. Added: Option to create pdf. of excel export on Gant Chart.
4. Added: Voting option by email on Gates in Innovations Application.
5. New: Idea Document Library application.
6. New: Ability to create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders in Document Library application.
7. New: Drag and drop option for folder reordering in Document Library application.
8. New: Drag and drop option for single or multiple files uploads in Document Library application.
9. New: Online file preview option in Document Library application.
10. Improved: Redesign of tasks within Innovations Application.
11. Improved: Redesign of Mobile app.
12. Corrected: Challenges notifications.
13. Corrected: Challenges visibility by roles.
+20 minor improvements and fixes.

v.20.20 (Jun 10, 2020)

1. New: Ideas Portfolio tab.
2. New: Voting down is not available anymore.
3. Added: Fancy tree is a new interactive way of organizing attachments.
4. Added: Role assignment when importing users.
5. Added: Community-based features on Idea Folders.
6. Added: Crowdsourcing information on idea submission date/time and source.
7. Added: Social notifications (e-mail, feed, app notifier) for mention in Ideas and Challenges App.
8. Improved: Back button on Task view.
9. Improved: Scoring Criteria on Challenge Submission form has a better overview and can be edited ad-hoc.
10. Improved: Tasks on Stage view now has reduced padding tabs and improved appearance.
11. Improved: Custom search on grids.
12. Corrected: Edit Default Idea folder.
+20 minor improvements and fixes.

v.20.10 (Mar 23, 2020)

1. Fixed: Idea evaluation Average score on Idea portfolio report.
2. Improved: Usability of default dashboard widgets.
3. Improved: Challenge access information for Shared Challenges.
4. Improved: Counter on My tasks widget on Ideas dashboard.
5. Improved: Counter on My tasks widget on Ideas dashboard for conditional roles.
6. Corrected: Challenge Manager options for different actions on the previous phases of Challenge workflow.
+ 20 minor improvements.

v.19.40 (Nov 14, 2019)

1. Added: Slack integration.
2. Improved idea prioritization.
3. Improved notification for actions on the idea in Challenge Application.
4. Improved scoring sheet on Challenge Application.
+10 minor improvements and fixes.

v.19.30 (Sep 18, 2019)

1. Added: Added Innovation Plan tab.
2. Added: Added Gantt chart to Innovations Application.
3. Added/Improved: Interactive Scoring report with a spider chart.
4. Added: Innovation plan tasks.
5. Added: New option for delegating new user into the right team(s) directly on user creation form.
6. Improved: work phase tasks.
7. Improved and redesigned date-picker on all pages.
+30 minor improvements and fixes.

v.19.20 (Apr 24, 2019)

1. Added: Overview tab on Innovation page showcasing the status of all activities and overall innovation completeness with the possibility to export this review.
2. Added: Idea popularity report showing the number of comments, votes up and votes down on each idea.
3. Added: Automatic Challenge winners notifications for all Challenge participants.
4. Added: Game-based elements for proclaiming winners on the Challenge app.
5. Added: New, simplified screen for Innovations application allowing end users to review and access their activities from a single access point.
6. Added: Header logo is now part of the client’s personalization.
7. Added: Environment selection page for easier navigation between different environments.
8. Fixed: Option to collapse/expand sidebar menu.
9. Fixed: Collapse/expand filter options on Idea Folder.
10. Fixed: Several changes were made to the search option to make the search results more precise and accurate.
11. Fixed: Back button and Cancel actions navigation issues.
12. Improved: Delegated Innovation Leader is now able to move innovation to the next or previous phase of the phase-review innovation process.
13. Improved: The web interface of Innovation Cloud is now more responsive and fits well across all screen resolutions and devices, including extra small resolutions.
+30 minor improvements and fixes.

v.19.10 (Jan 18, 2019)

1. Improved: responsiveness on ideaboard.
2. New: Added Idea Folder column on all idea listings.
3. New: Added Idea Folder column on Idea Portfolio report and Idea Activity report.
4. Improved: Dashboard switcher.
5. Improved: Left navigation panel.
6. New: Interface improvement and redesign.
7. Added: Ideas default image color palette.
8. Added: Discussions default image color palette.
9. Improved: Added missing action icons on Crowdsourcing ideas listing.
10. Improved: layout on the Ideas counter.
30+ minor improvements and fixes.

v.4.6 (Apr 05, 2018)

1. Improved: Campaign listing on idea board.
2. New: Added “Add new Campaign” button on idea board.
3. New: Added title to an idea with a picture attached to idea board.
4. New: Added idea owner to an idea on idea board.
5. New: Added letter counter on all text area and input text fields with a max character limit.
6. New: Added collapse/expand feature on all text area fields (entity top info).
7. Improved: Filtering of ideas on idea board.
8. Improved: Image size of ideas on idea board.
9. Improved: Responsiveness on idea board.
10. Improved: Reduced space between ideas on idea board.
20+ minor improvements and fixes.

v.4.5 (Oct 31, 2017)

1. New: Implemented moodboard functionality for idea listing.
2. New: User default image as user initials with random background color.
3. New: Feed star rating.
4. New: Moving ideas to different Campaigns.
5. Improved: Crowdsourcing submission form.
6. Improved: IC PRO Campaigns set important dates option added.
7. New: Idea view popup.
8. New: Dashboard switch.
9. New: Log in redesign.
10. New: Innovation Cloud client and pages redesign.
11. New: All contributors can add attachment into comment.
12. New: Add shared and private ideas to Campaign.
13. New: Display private and shared ideas on moodboard.
14. New: Added Popularity report.
15. New: Added Bottlenecked ideas report.
30+ minor improvements and fixes.