Downhill Mountain Biking - Spring training

We at Innovation Cloud are as passionate about sports as we are passionate about innovation. That is the main reason why we started “Ideas in motion” campaign, to enjoy the merry combination of the two and to share the fun.

Today’s topic: Downhill mountain biking.

We joined our creativity and passion for sports with the healthy enthusiasm of one young man to promote adventure and the love of nature.

Our champion is Bojan Manojlović, 19 years old rising star in downhill mountain biking from Kragujevac, Serbia. Gold medalist, mountain biker at heart, he strives to bring this sport to top level and we stand right beside him.

Our goal: To inspire all - young and old - to go outside and experience nature.

The result: One fun day of downhill cycling outdoors with freedom in our hair and inspiration on our mind.

Plenty of ideas to submit and more to come.

Where: Žeželj hill, Kragujevac, Serbia.

Part of Innovation Cloud #IdeasInMotion campaign.

Check out these frames of freedom and stay tuned as we are always in motion:

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