Latest Video: Record breaking 50 km/h downhill ride through thick forest!

Hi Downhill fan, 

DataStation Innovation Cloud and #IdeasInMotion campaign bring you this exciting video of the downhill ride on Žeželj hill. 

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Bojan Manojlović showed his excellent skill in handling the bike on this rough terrain and still keeping the speed on. He managed to break his own personal record and our guy’s were there to record it:

Director, Camera & Video edit | Slobodan Ranković
Camera assistants | Srđan Đokić, Ognjen Stevanović
Producer | Stefan Vasiljević
Music theme | Sonny Moore - Turmoil (Chronicle Remix)

We present our special thanks to ’’BikeMV Sport’’, Kragujevac and are working on a the next thrilling video of the Sutorman downhill competition, Montenegro. 

Stay with us, more video’s coming soon.

DataStation Innovation Cloud

Innovation Cloud Sports - #IdeasInMotion Campaign, March 2015.

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