Innovation Cloud Enterprise End-to-end innovation management platform, compatible with
all of your business processes and flexible to meet your organization ’s needs.

Successfully innovating has become a matter of organizational agility. Delivering sustainable innovation requires developing appropriate responses to changing consumer and market requirements whilst providing meaningful added value over competitive offerings. This mandates installing holistic, yet diligently executed management processes across each component of the innovation life-cycle: from the collection of ideas to project implementation and on-market performance follow-up.

Innovation Cloud Enterprise will do all of the above for you. It provides a centralized, yet highly customizable innovation management platform which will greatly enhance your organizational responsiveness. Innovation Cloud Enterprise consists of a comprehensive set of features and cutting-edge software modules - Ideas, Innovations and Markets - enabling you to accelerate the execution of your innovation management processes.

About 93% of business executives believe that “organic growth through innovation will constitute a larger portion of their revenue growth". Innovation Cloud Enterprise provides a systematic and structured approach to realize durable organic growth driven by enhanced organizational innovation capabilities.

Idea Management

It is not only about generating more ideas, it is primarily about generating enriched ideas on which to focus. Enterprise Ideas software will enable this by increasing the overall value of your ideation funnel.
  • Facilitate structured, collaborative ideation without any geographical or time boundaries
  • Focus the creative power of your employees and professional network on the core business challenges
  • Measure the output of the ideation cycle to deliver an ongoing flow of high quality ideas
  • Turn your crowd into active contributors within your innovation process

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Product Development

Enterprise Innovations software provides the required transparency and structure to manage your complete new products & service development processes efficiently.

  • Execute projects based on customizable and optimized idea-to-launch processes
  • Decide on relevant project milestones based on structural data analysis
  • Efficiently collaborate with online documents editor
  • Measure the organizational productivity through relevant performance analytics
  • Deliver projects on-time, in-full and on-budget
  • Leverage data and insights for executing Strategic Innovation Planning

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Market Tracking

After your projects have been launched to market, you can leverage Enterprise Market software to centralize all relevant data for ongoing competitive analysis on your products and services.
  • Track evolution of launched innovation initiatives

  • Outpace competition analyzing in-market performance

  • Leverage market intelligence to focus new ideation cycles

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