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How To Approach Top-Down Innovation By Innovation Cloud - 3 min read

How To Approach Top-Down Innovation

By now, you realized that Innovation Cloud Enterprise is a holistic management platform, covering the process from the collection of ideas to the project implementation and market performance tracking.

Our innovation process starts with the Discovery phase, supporting both approaches to idea management. Don’t miss our previous blog where we covered the bottom-up ideation and showed how you can use the full creative power of your organization. In this blog, we will collect the ideas on a specific subject and show you more focused ideation identified by your top management.


An innovation Challenge is a structured way to get everyone on board and work together as a team.

As a person willing to drive innovation forward, you can boost the engagement of your team by setting a reward for the winning idea. Grant the access to a specific group of people or make it public so that everyone can collaborate. Add an image to your challenge and move it to the next step.

The second step is the place where you actually set up your challenge workflow. Every Challenge can have its own dynamics, specific people involved, even its own criteria for evaluating the ideas. If defined well, they can create amazing results, in days.

Create a well-guided process by setting the timeline for each phase. Select the relevant people who will be responsible for the initial review and for shortlisting the best proposals.

The setup for the Evaluation phase consists of selecting the people who will be in charge of scoring the shortlisted ideas and of defining the scoring criteria relevant for your Challenge. Choose the scoring template from previous Challenges, or create a new one for this specific topic. Select the relevant members of your team to be responsible for the last phase of the Challenge. They will make a final decision and proclaim the winner of the best idea.

Submission phase - collect ideas

Once your Challenge is active,  your team members will be invited to share their ideas and collaborate on a specific topic. The system will automatically notify relevant members about all important data regarding your challenge. By reaching the submission due date, your Challenge will be automatically moved to the next phase.

Screening phase- make the shortlist

Once the ideation session has finished, it is time to categorize and narrow down the best ideas. This is the first filtering step where the relevant members from your team will review all the submitted ideas and make a shortlist out of the most promising ones.

Evaluation phase- score the shortlisted ideas

In this phase, the shortlisted ideas will be scored based on the set of criteria you have defined when creating the Challenge. The results for each idea will be shown in the scoring tab, assisting the decision maker to choose the best proposal.

Selection phase- proclaim the winner

Now you have enough information to make the final decision. Review the scored ideas and proclaim the winner of the Challenge. The system will automatically send a notification to your team members announcing the winners. When the challenge is over, congratulate the owner of the best idea.

The great and useful thing about Innovation Cloud is its connected workflow that enables you to further develop your best ideas by clicking the Start Idea Development button.

Follow our blog and learn more about how the winning ideas can be further developed and successfully implemented through the phases of innovation management.

Enjoy using our software solutions.

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