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How to evaluate the level of innovation in your company? By Andjela - 2 min read

How to evaluate the level of innovation in your company?

In the business world, innovation is described as the method by which a company develops new goods, processes, and/or ideas with the goal of gaining new consumers by improving their experience. There are many ways of improving, and they differ by sector, but they range from upgrading production and operational procedures, management strategies, discovering new or reinventing existing resources, and so on. As there are many opportunities for growth by innovation, the question is how many of them are we actually taking advantage of.

If you ask a CEO what is the level of their company’s innovation process, you won’t get a simple answer because it is defined by a variety of variables. Examining a company’s analytics, metrics, and reports is one way to determine the level of innovation. However, extracting purely innovation-related data can be challenging, particularly if a company’s innovation processes are not mature enough. One systematic practice is to use innovation management systems, which, although completely integrated with other processes, have their own data independence. Companies in a variety of industries are now using this type of tool, and they find it very useful in determining their innovation readiness and performance.

What are the main aspects of innovation in any company?


Any breakthrough must be promoted by upper management. The main question here is how does the top management perceive and comprehend innovation?


What motivates the company to innovate is the most critical aspect of an innovation strategy.


How well do you engage your employees into innovation activities?


It is not simple to coordinate creative processes, particularly in large corporations which is why we must understand the viability of the innovation process.


To set a certain standard of innovation, there must be a comprehension of what allows our business to be competitive while innovating.


The way we measure our progress in terms of innovation is bringing meaning to what we do and helps us organize our next steps better.

If you go through these sections one by one, you can get a glimpse of your strengths and weaknesses. But if you want to know precisely where you are in terms of innovation capacity, you can consider using our interactive 5-minute innovation evaluation tool. This survey will assist you in the following tasks:

  • Evaluate the company’s latest innovation practices and capacities.

  • Identify the organization’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Visually comprehend and prioritize areas to work on

You may also use this scoring instrument as a quick poll to figure out how your employees interpret your attempts to drive change in the organization. The innovation assessment results would indicate output on each aspect of the innovation structure. This new insight will provide realistic guidance on where and how the organization can act to optimize innovation success. Allow your company to develop in the future and maximize the company’s innovation potential.

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  • Hi Andjela, What are the factors that determine the level of innovation and how these factors can limit adoption of innovation?

  • Thank you for showing interest in this topic. The six elements described (Management and Leadership, Strategy, People and Culture, Processes, Tools, and Metrics), in my opinion, may be both stimulating and limiting factors when it comes to adopting innovation, and they are actually fairly measurable, allowing one to determine the level of innovation in a company. You may find more information regarding your question by using the Innovation Cloud assessment tool.

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