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Innovation maturity in your company is measurable By Andjela - 2 min read

Innovation maturity in your company is measurable

There are various options for obtaining an assessment that accurately reflects the company’s current position. One of those methods is related to the tool we have on our website, which is in line with the concept of high efficiency because we have prepared and organized it so you do not have to spare your valuable time on that.

What is the innovation assessment tool?

The innovation assessment tool is focused on 6 elements of the innovation system: Management and Leadership, Strategy, People and Culture, Processes, Tools, and Metrics. You’ll respond to the questions by indicating how much you agree with a series of statements about these areas. This is a simple approach to rating your attitudes and beliefs on an ordinal scale that indicates how much you agree or disagree.

Since we first published this interactive assessment tool, many of our readers have used it to determine how successful their innovation initiatives were. Their innovation challenges ranged from implementation of innovation culture, breaking paradigms, and all the way to process innovation and strategic innovation management. Because all of these aspects of innovation management are included in the assessment, as well as the overall score calculated as the average rank of all elements, Innovation Assessment Results can help you understand where you are now and what you need to do in the future to keep your business running smoothly in terms of innovation.

Our team worked thoroughly to provide valuable feedback on your total score results, as well as by individual categories. Following a quick overview of your overall score, we aimed to clarify what the grade you obtained for each element on the test meant and what steps you should take to advance to the next level as quickly as possible. It’s a lot easier to take action when you’ve been given a clear picture of where your company needs to improve.

Regarding the method’s flaws, which are a matter of sincerity, you can share this interactive scoring tool with your employees to increase the sample size and possibly acquire a more accurate score. Have you completed the assessment yet? What are your thoughts on your rank? Have the recommendations aided you in achieving your innovative objectives?

Start your innovation assessment now!

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