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How to use employee experience as an innovation booster By Deana - 4 min read

How to use employee experience as an innovation booster

Employee experience is often overlooked or businesses just focus on specific segments of it, leaving out the rest. In order for you to build a coherent team and boost engagement, you must understand your employees’ lifecycle better and know how they perceive their interaction with your business. This will not only boost their performance but will also positively reflect on your whole business, and unquestionably improve your innovation process as well.

Knowing their journey and collecting feedback from them about their experience will give you a better insight into how they perceive your business, what their main motivators are, what they value the most and what sets them off. This valuable Experience Data, alongside Operational Data, will help you bridge gaps that will inevitably occur, and you will be able to improve their experience in your organization.


Attracting your potential employees is just the beginning of their journey. This process contains all the necessary steps that eventually lead to hiring. This is where they start interacting with your business, as a potential employee, and form their first impressions. It is important to clearly communicate your expectations, as well as hear their expectations and how they understand their role in the organization. Collecting feedback about the recruitment process will also provide you with insights on how to improve this step.


Once they’ve been hired, it is important that the transition goes smoothly and that they get properly introduced to all of the systems, processes and tools in your organization. It can last from a week up to a year, and the sooner they settle down and feel cozy, the faster they will start to engage and perform. An inclusive workplace will help speed up the process and they will feel welcome and free to engage and collaborate, forming long-term connections within the organization and with other team members.


Providing your employees a chance to grow is of great importance. Giving them an opportunity to improve their skills and/or attain new ones will positively affect their experience. Acknowledging their achievements and rewarding them will create a stronger sense of belonging to the organization and create a long-term relationship with them. Businesses with better employee experience have a higher retention rate. Listening to their feedback should be a must-have every step of the way. Good communication is crucial and is the backbone of every collaboration initiative, and should go both ways in order for both your business and your employees to grow.


Every journey has an end. Your employees will eventually leave your organization for a number of reasons. But this step mustn’t be ignored because it also provides you with valuable data about their experience in your organization. This will again help you improve the overall experience and make adjustments in the future.

Effects of positive Employee experience

Satisfied employees are more likely to engage in any activity you have going on. They are also more willing to collaborate with others and share their ideas and thoughts. This will undoubtedly improve your innovation process. A good employee experience translates into a good customer experience. Putting in the extra effort will make a huge difference for the customer and will be quite appreciated. Some research showed that businesses that have a positive employee experience create 4x higher average profits, and double the average revenues. High retention rates will make you an attractive choice for job seekers, providing you with a pool of more qualified and talented potential employees.

Without the right infrastructure to support the employee journey, it is hard to expect long-term success. Technology is a MUST in every segment of your business, this one as well. With the proper technology and software, you can further boost the engagement, and make it a fun experience. Innovation Cloud provides you with a great platform for collaboration, where everyone is welcome to share their ideas and thoughts. The bottom-up and top-down approach in communication makes sure that everyone is being heard and acknowledged, and the reward system spices up any initiative and boosts motivation for participation.

Creating a pleasant workplace is another MUST. Besides having an inclusive organization, providing your employees with space where they feel comfortable is necessary for their experience. You can be creative and offer them a wide variety of on-site activities that will help them relieve stress and reboot. What we are becoming accustomed to in the past year or two is flexible, remote working. And again, Innovation Cloud is there to help you with that as well. It will make sure that everything is being done, and at the same time give your employees the space they need for maximum productivity.

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