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Remote working from the diversity, inclusion and equity perspective By Deana - 4 min read

Remote working from the diversity, inclusion and equity perspective

The DIE triangle, or Diversity, Inclusion and Equity is what leads to a happier and more productive work environment where innovations can flourish. Diverse backgrounds provide your business with diverse ideas for the innovation process. But there is much more to it than just gathering a versatile team. Every one of your team members must feel welcomed, appreciated, supported and valued, or, in one word, included. Inclusion is what enables collaboration and motivates your team members to participate. If they don’t feel secure and heard in the work environment, they will most likely avoid every chance to participate, and even if they do take part it probably won’t be a pleasant experience. And last but not least - equity which creates fair treatment, access and opportunity for everyone.

Taking into consideration each of these three elements creates not only a pleasant work environment for your employees but also has positive effects on your entire business indirectly. Happy and motivated team members lead to more productivity, boost innovations, create synergy effects and cause a higher retention rate. Unfortunately, it is sometimes all easier said than done. If we look at the aftermath of the global pandemic that is still present, we can see how each element was hit differently from a different perspective.

The interaction shift

Remote working has brought upon us a new shift in the way we interact. It also provided us with a much bigger talent pool, erasing distance limitations and physical obstacles and enabling businesses to look for talented people outside major economic hubs. It created an unprecedented opportunity for both job seekers and for employers. Using innovative technologies, such as VR and MR, remote working has created a whole new dimension of doing business which precedes our original understanding of the meaning of remote working. Not only did it provide a true chance for any business to gather a diverse team, but it also created a virtual environment where many feel comfortable.

Such a work environment boosts the well-being of your team members and provides them with a sense of safety and comfort where they can collaborate and engage in team activities without hesitation. Although remote working was imposed on most businesses, it turned out not to be a bad idea after all when it comes to inclusion. Yet when it comes to equity, not all have the same access to the internet and other office equipment and conditions needed to perform all of their activities. On the other hand, remote working does boost equity since now people from all around the world can apply for a job and get a fair chance of getting the job. So it all comes down to different perspectives.

Reality check

If we look at the statistics, in low-tech, low-income and high-touch jobs, where women are over-represented, the transition to remote working was hard to achieve, which led to many job losses. At the same time, high-tech, high-income jobs where women are under-represented have easily transitioned to remote working. This gender inequity is just one down-side to remote working and diversity. The gender pay gap also shows that men are in most cases better paid in almost all job positions, and if we add race to the equation, we will see an even bigger difference. In the US, the least paid are Hispanic women, following black, white and Asian women at the top. And even on average, even the most paid women are still less paid than men, even with the same education degree. Acknowledging this inequity is the first step of overcoming this problem and narrowing the gap. Your job as a leader is to commit to correct and address these imbalances.

The Diversity, Inclusion and Equity challenge

Understanding the very meaning of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, their differences and relations are just a starting point of managing your business in the right direction. The acknowledgment that your business is lacking in any of these three segments is the starting point of creating a better work environment, a stronger organization, and a successful business on many different levels. In situations such as the virus-caused pandemic, DIE organizations are more likely to bounce back, react to and overcome any obstacles that come their way.

It is impossible to please everyone, and some sacrifices must be made, but going that extra mile for your team members will pay off. Create a campaign to boost the engagement of your team members and make sure to include everyone. Don’t forget to acknowledge and award the best idea! Innovation Cloud is a great platform that, besides managing your whole innovation process, helps your business boost collaboration thus making everyone feel valued and appreciated. It also serves as a great tool that aids your business in closing the gaps caused by remote working, giving everyone a fair chance to participate. Innovations are always the right decision for your business and Innovation Cloud is the right partner for you!

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