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Improve HR activities with innovative technologies By Deana - 5 min read

Improve HR activities with innovative technologies

The HR sector is often considered to be a traditional sector when it comes to innovative technologies, which is a big misconception. Acquiring talent done the old traditional way would take too much time and money these days. If you are trying to run your business smoothly and manage your employees remotely, that would be almost impossible without the use of technology. Even employee satisfaction depends on the use of various innovative technologies. So, no matter how much you are hesitant about it now, sooner or later you will have to start implementing these technologies, and you will then realize how beneficial this was for your business.

It is amazing how much has changed in only a decade. Now you have digital solutions for almost any HR process. This does not mean that people are totally removed from the process, just that it has become more efficient. No matter how big or small your business is, these technologies will improve your business in so many aspects. By implementing them, you can expect them to boost your efficiency, help you in talent acquisition, employee satisfaction and retention, and of course, when you have the right people on your team and they’re happy to be there and engage and collaborate, you will see an increase in profits, customer experience, market share and so on. So let’s see some of these innovative solutions and how they are transforming the HR world.

Applicant tracking system

Technology has allowed companies to have a much bigger talent pool to pick from. Nowadays when remote and hybrid working has become the new standard, you can expand your search globally. And that is also a good thing for job seekers because now they have way more opportunities. But before you pick someone, you usually have to go through a bunch of resumes, interviews and tons of paperwork, all time-consuming and costly.

The ATS or Applicant Tracking system has made this talent acquisition easier and more affordable. This AI-based software solution has transformed the recruitment process to the core and it is easy to use. Once you’ve added the job position you need to fill in, and its description, you are all set. In order for your search to be more efficient and specific, you can add keywords that will define your search better, as well as other criteria. It all takes a few moments, and then you let the AI do the rest. ATS creates a big database of applicants and based on your job description, keywords and other criteria, provides you with applicants that are the best match. It allows you to go through hundreds of candidates within a fraction of a time, and still find the best match. Somewhere around 95% of the world’s biggest companies are using these software solutions. You don’t need to be a big company to implement such technologies. They are a great investment that surely pay off within a few recruitments.

Video Interviewer

The video interviewer is another AI-based technology combined with facial recognition technology. It allows you to interview candidates and based on their tone of voice, facial expression and eye contact determine their character and how honest their answers are. It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, but in reality, a lot of companies are using it. These innovative technologies enhance your HR activities, remove human bias often present in the recruitment process, and present you with the best candidate. VanillaHR will transform your recruitment process with its simple and user-friendly AI-based solutions. You always have a choice to go back and look through other candidates, but based on the criteria you’ve set, you will get the best match.


Then there’s the chatbot, which can answer up to 80% of your employees’ answers. Another AI-based technology that’s transforming the way your employees interact with your company. This way they will get the answer they are looking for, any time of the day, and they won’t have the hesitation to ask, which they usually have when they need to approach someone from your HR. These chatbots are useful in the onboarding process as they can provide the new hire with a lot of information, as well as for all the other employees looking for answers. It improves your employee satisfaction, eases the onboarding process and takes the workload off of your HR so that they can focus on other things.

Communication booster

You need proper channels of communication within your business. Even if you base most of your work locally, if you add remote working into the equation, you are in trouble. Add a slightly bigger team of employees to that, it will be impossible for you to run a successful business nowadays. Luckily, you have a lot of various innovative technologies and software solutions to choose from, that will enable smooth communication and boost employee engagement and collaboration.

You want to have open, two-way communication in your organization. This will enable you to communicate your ideas and goals to your employees in a top-down approach, but you also want to enable them to communicate their ideas, feedback and insights in a bottom-up approach. One of HR’s main objectives is to ensure employees get the best experience. This will increase their satisfaction and retention rate. No one likes to be taken for granted and not be heard. This two-way communication will provide you with a lot of valuable insights, and make your employees happier. You might also get a few great ideas for new products or services. Innovation Cloud has a great software solution that will enable this two-way communication and flow of ideas. A great way to boost collaboration, engagement and innovation.

The HR sector is actually transforming into a highly digitalized sector, and the reasons are pretty much obvious. You can manage payrolls with a few clicks, schedule all sorts of meetings and do them with the help of VR, MR, AR, manage your hiring and onboarding process, take care of your employees’ wellbeing, manage analytics, and the list goes on and on. HR is the heart of every company, and you should make sure that you provide them with all the necessary tools. Implementing these technologies will enhance your HR activities and improve your business on many levels.

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