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Start Online Idea Challenge for Free By Jovana - 2 min read

Start Online Idea Challenge for Free

It is a fact that the productive idea generation process is a necessary first step in the idea development. Filling the ideas funnel with more relevant ideas will always result in more successful projects.

We understand that the time and budget are two major obstacles in reaching innovation. That is why we created Innovation Cloud Startup to help early stage companies to kick start innovation in your organization and capitalize on your innovation potential. Our Idea Folder feature will support any kind of idea competitions, weather you call it Idea Campaigns, Idea Challenges of Idea Hubs. Idea Folder is at your disposal to help you boost the number of quality idea submissions. You can use Idea Folders to challenge your community to collect ideas from your colleagues, customers and partners and turn them into solutions.

By definition, idea campaigns and/or idea challenges facilitate idea generation on a specific topic and usually have a predetermined time frame. By defining a clear topic when you create your Idea Folder, you will improve idea quality and employees’ engagement that will, in return, increase the chances of creating more relevant projects. Topics can be related to your organization’s strategic goals. They are a perfect way to collect incremental ideas for small improvements as well as ideas for entirely new product lines.

After setting up a specific topic for your Idea Folder, the system will automatically notify your community about all important dates regarding your Idea Folder. Teams and people from different departments will bring different perspectives and ideas which will lead to a better collaboration.

In Idea Folder, you can also define various rewards as a key motivational driver. Rewards can be powerful means of promoting participation in your campaigns, as they create a sense of contribution to innovation process for idea winners.

Idea Folder is designed to allow you to focus on the areas of the business that you want to innovate right now. The benefits of setting your own Idea Folder/s are multiplied by bringing key players together in one place. Our user-friendly and intuitive software allows everyone within your target group to participate without limitations and provide their contribution to your innovation initiative.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on 26.05.2015. and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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