2017 New Year’s Innovation Resolutions By Innovation Cloud, 28.12.2016

2017 New Year’s Innovation Resolutions

What will you do in the coming year to be more innovative?

This is the time of the year when we should reflect on the passing year, and set goals for the year to come. Taking time to reflect, learn and improve is always a good thing and you can do so on both personal and professional level. Whether or not you’re the New Year’s Resolution type, this is a great way to map out what you want to accomplish in 12 months ahead of you and perfect time for organizations and companies to motivate and encourage their employees to be more innovative.

We prepared for you a list of 5 resolutions that will make your employees (and you) more innovative in 2017:

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Great ideas I’m going to share

- Most of our ideas remain hidden somewhere deep inside our brains only because we are afraid to share them and say them out loud. Some of us are very protective of our ideas and worry about sharing ideas with too many people. The fact is that, nowadays, if you don’t share your ideas and work collaboratively, you risk isolating yourself and your idea, condemning it to failure. Another fact is that you probably don’t have necessary capacities and resources to develop your idea fully. So, share your ideas and let other people support it with their expertise and experience.

A different perspective I’m going to embrace

- To develop good ideas, you need collaboration and interaction with other people whose expertise can be related with development of your idea. When you have several people from different backgrounds working on your idea, you will have to identify how they can complement each other. Through collaboration, you and your team will be learning new things from each other throughout the process. By just hearing others’ perspective on your idea, you are learning about new ways on how it can be further developed and realized. They’ll appreciate being included and you’ll benefit from the shared knowledge of your team.

A new goal I’m going to achieve

- Your goals must be stretched, but achievable ones. Don’t set goals that require hardly any effort just so you can check them off. You should aim to set goals that are specific, measurable, relevant and timely, and this will provide a clear focus for you on what you need to do and how to prioritize your tasks. Long term goals are something that your company will set for you, but your short term goals are yours only and it’s your duty to set and reach them!

New lessons I’m going to learn

- As we all know, learning is a lifelong process happening everywhere, so make sure to take some time to learn new things. Improve yourself by increasing your knowledge and expertise. Innovation and learning always go hand in hand, so use it to your advantage. Knowledge is the most powerful resource that you can have and your most valuable asset. Gain it and make sure to use it.

New opportunities I’m going to find

- Discover all opportunities to enhance work performance and innovation within your company. Identify and analyze opportunities that will lead you to assessing the risks faster. Research and recognize opportunities for innovation. Most innovations, especially successful ones, are usually the result of a purposeful pursuit for new opportunities, either by exploring new markets, defining new customer needs or looking into industrial changes. Capture every new opportunity for cost reduction, disruptive product development, innovative business model and process improvement that you discover, because you never know when you are going to need them!

To a better year

This list of 5 simple resolutions will make your organization breathe a new innovation culture. If you haven’t set your company’s innovation strategy, make sure that they align with your business strategy. But if you motivate your employees to apply these New Year’s Innovation resolutions throughout the year, you’ll by supporting your employees to share their ideas, collaborate on them, set short terms goals, learn new things and find new opportunities to enhance innovation culture within your organization.

If you have right technology solution, you can easily manage whole innovation process.
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Let the new ideas flourish in 2017!

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