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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about companies like Uber, Amazon, Airbnb? Yes, they are all Unicorns now, yet they were all startups once and they succeeded in transforming and redefining whole industries. 

Startup Innovation Community

Innovation Cloud is inviting You to join our mission to build a global Startup Innovation Community application.

Why SIC application?

Did you know that 50 million new startups are launched every year, with an average of 137,000 startups emerging every day! Yet, statistics show that nine out of 10 startups fail. On the other hand, while you need 11 days in average to prepare a crowdfunding campaign, global average success rate of these campaigns is still under 50%. For example, Kickstarter reports an average of 35.9% success rate across their platform while Indiegogo’s success rate for fixed funding is 17.1%, and for “flex funding” campaigns is 95.6%.

The problem?

As all successful startups experienced, launching your own startup and getting it off the ground comes with its set of challenges: limited resources, slow bureaucracy, poor planning, lack of funding, bad crowdfunding campaign or intellectual property rights and many more.

The fact is that there is no single application or a platform to help startups master the challenges they are facing!

This is where we need YOU to help us address all of these challenges and map potential platform functionalities that will help startups easily connect all dots from starting their business, launching their crowdfunding and crowdsourcing campaigns to scaling their startup.
Those challenges are valuable lessons for every startup and there is always going to be a pressure when starting and growing a business. Keeping these common startup challenges in mind and with your assistance and your ideas, we want to design and develop an online application that will help startups overcome these obstacles and scale their business.

The Solution!

In order to face and successfully deal with all these challenges, we decided to create Startup Innovation Community application. We at Innovation Cloud are a dedicated team of experts in innovation management and innovation software development with more than 10 years of experience working with different companies and different industries. Working with more than 500 startups, resulted in developing Innovation Cloud Startup, free idea management software that helps startups to collect, manage and develop their ideas successfully.

While Innovation Cloud Startup will help you to maintain trend of progress, the idea behind Startup Innovation Community application is to support startups successfully ideate, design and manage crowdfunding campaigns, create pitch deck and more easy deliver your products or services to the market. 

We can’t do it alone. Join us and let’s work on it together and create this awesome application with everything that any startup will ever need in order to overcome these challenges and obstacles. We need an application that will be increasingly flexible, responsive and adaptive to cope with all the problems, meet every challenges and be the source of best practices for startups.

Now, it’s your turn to contribute with your suggestions and ideas for functionalities that Startup Innovation Community application should have.

Send us your ideas using form, whether they are related to the topics that our application should cover, or to the features that application must have and take a part in building this global Startup Innovation Community application!

Innovation Cloud
is inviting YOU to join our mission
to build a global Startup Innovation Community application.

We need YOUR IDEAS to help us
address all startup challenges and map potential application functionalities.

*no spam, no promotion, we promise!
Reward: Join our team of experts in developing Startup Innovation Community application based on your ideas.

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