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Level up your remote working model with hybrid working By Deana - 3 min read

Level up your remote working model with hybrid working

Remote working has proven to be a real life-saver in the time of need since all other forms/business models fell short and were an inadequate response to the pandemic. Now, as we fast forward and things begin to settle down, we are becoming aware that this business model is here to stay, only in a different form, as a hybrid, adjusted to better fit the current situation needs.

Hybrid solution

Somewhere between remote working and in-office hours, hybrid working emerged as the answer many were looking for. Things will never be the same that is for sure. The statistics show different numbers from industry to industry, but one thing is certain – many people have gotten fond of remote working. It has shown us a more efficient way of balancing professional and personal lives. Being more productive at work and at the same time living a more fulfilled life at home.

One solution to please everyone?

Of course, some prefer in-office hours, prefer the structure, people, and everything that goes with it. Then there are those professions that simply cannot switch to remote working. Now that people have tried both opposites to some extent, one being remote working and the other in-office working, they have the urge to transform business models and cater them to meet their needs better. And that is exactly why hybrid working can be the answer to reconcile these opposing sides. It is not the matter of who is right or wrong, just simply trying to figure out a unique yet multipurpose solution.

It is basically up to you

Since the pandemic is still ongoing, hybrid working must be flexible. Depending on your business and your employees’ wishes you have a few options for reorganizing your space and time. All of this is new for everyone, but we keep searching for innovative ways of recuperating and continuing to find innovative solutions to fight back and endure. Dividing your team members into different groups and then scheduling different office hours or days for each group is one way. Particular time could be saved for particular team members to come in and do their job, or you can always schedule collaborations between different project teams that haven’t been working together due to the situation. It is up to you. Letting whoever wants to work from home or away be able to, but at the same time, schedule certain in-office days. Since the pandemic is changing it is always best to follow the main measures and form the plan.

Cybersecurity and overall security

Another obstacle needed to be tackled because of remote hybrid working is cybersecurity. Whenever you go to a café or joint works space you are at risk that not only your personal data gets stolen but also causes a breach to your business. Thanks to innovative technologies, these problems are being addressed daily and improved so that such catastrophes do not occur.

Bridging the gap and connecting people

If you are an introvert then such a business model and work organization suited you quite well. But most people are still having hard time coping with isolation and lack of structure, although they have some tasks and activities to finish. Many collaboration tools have outgrown their initial form because people needed innovative ways of overcoming this isolation. Video-calls of all kinds and MR, VR and AR were just some cool technologies that bridged the gap where the reality fell short.

With a friend, a crisis is overcome more easily!

A crisis is for sure a scary thing. You have no idea how to cope with it, and even the best of ideas might not work. But that is the beauty of innovations. Through trial and error, we have come a long way and will continue to do so. Every solution lies in innovation, so don’t be hesitant to start your innovation process this very moment, and start it with Innovation Cloud. Years of experience and expertise together with our partners have led our innovations to be on top. Contact us and see how we can create the next best thing together because we are all about innovations!

Deana - Content creator
Content creator

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