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Choose your Innovation Cloud package

We have four different Innovation Cloud solutions: Startup, PRO, Enterprise and Global. While Innovation Cloud Startup and PRO are idea management software, Innovation Cloud Enterprise and Innovation Cloud Global are end-to-end innovation management software. 

If you are just entering the market and searching for a proper ideation tool to maintain the trend of progress, try out our free idea management software Innovation Cloud StartupIt is perfectly suitable for small teams and startups to collect, co-develop and execute new, innovative and creative ideas.

If you have your innovation process in place, but want to level up your innovation efforts, involve everybody and speed up the process, try out our advanced idea management software Innovation Cloud PRO packages. It gives you all what you need to to collect ideas, co-develop them and to select and approve the best ideas!

If you are searching for a flexible end-to-end innovation management software to collaborate on a higher scale and have a specific set of requirements that have to be met, please check our Innovation Cloud Enterprise software.

If you looking for the tailor-made innovation management platform that can be easily integrated into your existing business ecosystem, check out our Innovation Cloud Global solution.

IC Pricing

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that you can upgrade your Innovation Cloud Startup at any time, but once upgraded, you CAN NOT downgrade it anymore. Yet, you can always create another Innovation Cloud Startup.


For more information check Innovation Cloud pricing.