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Create Innovation Cloud PRO

To purchase your own Innovation Cloud PRO account, please follow next steps: 

1. Go to our Pricing page, click on the Buy now button and choose one of the displayed PRO packages.

IC PRO pricing

2. Enter your email address and click Submit. You have also an option to leave a message on a submission form if you have any suggestions or some specific requirements.

IC form pro

3. You will receive an Activation email within the next 24 hours with the link that lead you to the Login page of your Innovation Cloud PRO account.

IC activation mail pro

4. Once on the Login page, fill out the rest of the details, log in with your email and choose a strong password.

IC PRO creation

5. Choose your payment plan and confirm the chosen package. Proceed to payment.

IC payment details

6. Enter your payment details and click on Payment button.

7. Finish the payment by any of the presented options: Credit card, PayPal or Invoice.