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Upgrade Innovation Cloud Startup to PRO

IMPORTANT: If you are interested to explore Innovation Cloud PRO, you can always contact your account manager to upgrade your Innovation CLoud Startup to 30-days Innovation Cloud PRO free trial.

1. To upgrade your Innovation Cloud Startup, you need to login first to your existing account.

2. Once inside your Innovation Cloud account, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and choose the Upgrade & Payment option from the drop-down menu.

IC upgrade startup

3. Choose your payment plan and confirm the chosen package. Proceed to payment.

IC upgrade account

4. Enter your payment details and click on Payment button

5. Finish the payment by any of the presented options: Credit card, PayPal or Invoice.

NOTE: Keep in mind that you can upgrade your Innovation Cloud Startup at any time, but once upgraded, you CAN NOT downgrade it anymore. Yet, you can always create another Innovation Cloud Startup.