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Score Ideas In Idea Folders (PRO)

When the Idea Submission phase is over, Idea owners has to send their ideas to the Scoring phase.

IMPORTANT: Only Idea Scorers and Administrators can evaluate and score ideas in Idea Folders.

Scoring the ideas in Idea Folder:

1. Idea Scorers can locate the ideas that are waiting for their score in two ways:
- Left navigation menu My tasks > Scoring tab

- Feed view > My tasks box on the upper right corner of the screen > Ideas in scoring phase

Once you locate and enter one idea that needs to be scored, click on the action button Enter your score on the right side of the screen.

2. The action button will trigger a new pop up window where you will enter your score by sliding the sliders from left negative to the right positive end.

With this slider, the system will quantify your evaluation. You can add a follow-up comment that supports your score, and click Submit.

Once the idea is scored, it will be listed for Administrators and Approvers to approve idea.

Note: Scoring details will be presented on the right side of idea page view, section Score overview, as well as on the Score Report in Reports section.