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Add and import users

Let your people be part of your innovation process as well as part of your solution.

Add new users to collect ideas and improve collaboration

IMPORTANT: Only the Administrator of your Innovation Cloud account can add new users. 

1.Click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and from the drop-down menu choose the System Settings option.

2. Go to the User Management tab.

3.There are two ways to add new users, whether you want to add one by one, by clicking on the green button Add new user, or to import users in bulks by clicking on icon Import users.

Fill in the user details and submit the entry.

4. To import multiple users into the Innovation Cloud, click on the icon Import users and download the CSV template. After you fill in the downloaded CSV template, You need to Attach file and click on Start import button. When the import is finished, click on Save changes.

5. Added users will receive activation emails directly in their inbox. Those users who fail to activate their account in a timely manner can be reactivated from the Pending activation list tab.