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Suggest new innovator

If the user you are looking for is not in the system, or you want to suggest a user who can help improving ideas and colaboration itself, send a request to ask for that user’s presence in the application.

IMPORTANT: Every user can suggest a new user, but only the Administrator of the Innovation Cloud account can approve invitation for suggested user.

To suggest user go to the application chooser (six dots) located in the upper right corner of the Innovation Cloud and select Contacts. Click on Suggest new innovator button and provide all the necessary data, then Request presence for users.

Administrator of Innovation Cloud account will receive notification for Suggested user.

To approve the invitation for suggested user Administrator needs to go to System settings and in the User Management tab choose Suggested users. Approve or disapprove suggestion clicking on the icons beside the e-mail address. If Administrator approves the user, he needs to define Gender and Role and then click Submit. The new user has been created and will receive activation link on the e-mail.