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Apply roles to users

Innovation Cloud Startup account has only two roles. Admin role and Contributor role.

Administrator of the Innovation Cloud Startup account has access to all functionalities of the platform. Admin role (Administrator) is to manage users, campaigns and ideas.
Contributor role is to add ideas as well as to collaborate on ideas by voting and adding comments, documents or images.

IMPORTANT: Only the Administrator of your Innovation Cloud account can set role for users.

Note: Each user can carry only one role.

1. To access and set roles to users, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and access the System settings option from the drop-down menu.

2. Click on the User management tab.

3. The list of all the active users will appear on your screen. You also have an option to set a role to a single user during the process of adding a new user, or by using the Edit option, clicking on the pencil located on the right side of the single user box. See the Edit user details

4. You can apply a role to multiple users in the Innovation Cloud Startup or PRO by selecting the desired users and activating the Asign role button located on top of the All user list.

5. Please choose from the role list the one you wish to assign to a user and confirm Assign role to finish successfully.