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Actions on Idea (PRO)

Actions on one idea changes the status of the idea in order to make a better decision.

When the idea is created by contributor, and an idea is improved with collaboration, only action contributor can perform is to Send idea to Scoring.

IMPORTANT: Only Approver or Administrator can perfotm all actions on one idea. These roles can apply an action on any idea, regardless of its state and status.

The Administrator can apply different actions on the idea: put idea On hold, Reject idea, Archive idea, Send to Approval, Send to Scoring and Approve idea.

Once the idea is send to scoring, the Scorer can perform action to Score idea or to Send idea to rework. Administrator can also Score an idea.

As soon as the idea is scored, Approver and Administrator can make a final decision on idea with action Approve.

When the idea is perfect and approved, the Administrator and the Approver has a new possibility to Send to the implementation that idea.