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Score idea (PRO)

IMPORTANT: Only Idea Scorers and Administrators can evaluate and score ideas.

All ideas that are ready to be scored can be located via:

1. Choose Dashboard view on te upper left corner of the ideaboard view to switch on Ideas Home page. You will see the indicator: Ideas are in scoring. The number on the indicator Ideas are in scoring represent number of ideas waiting to be scored. When you click on this indicator it will lead you to the Scoring tab with idea waiting for scoring.

2. Left navigation menu > My tasks > Scoring tab.

Use one of these two ways to locate the ideas that are marked as ready for scoring.

Applying Score:

To score idea, click on the idea, on the right side of idea page view and select action button Enter your score.

This action button will triger new pop-up window where you have to enter your score by sliding the sliders from left negative to the right positive end.

With this slider, the system will quantify your evaluation. There is an option to add your follow-up comment that needs to support your score and click Submit.