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Delete idea

When it comes to managing ideas on Innovation Cloud, we strongly discourage from deleting them, since this action will permanently delete all data associated with the ideas, such as comments, likes, documents and scoring results. If the idea currently is irrelevant or doesn’t satisfy your criteria for further development, you can always change its status to achieve. However, if you still want to delete a certain idea, it is possible to do so.

IMPORTANT: Only the Idea owner and Administrators can Delete submitted ideas.

There are three ways to Delete an idea:

1. Home page (Ideaboard view) > From the Idea Folders bar on the top of the screen select the Idea Folder where the idea you want to Delete is located. All ideas from that Idea Folder will be presented on the screen. When you enter the idea you want to Delete, click on the three dots on the upper right corner of the idea box and choose the Delete option.


2. Home page (Ideaboard view) > Choose All ideas option placed on the left navigation menu. Find the idea you want to Delete, mark the checkbox located on the left side of the idea box and activate the Delete button (trash can) located on the top of ideas listing. This action can be used to delete multiple ideas.


3. Use the Search field placed on the top of the screen and search for the idea you want to Delete by entering keywords of its content.


When you find and enter the idea, click on the trash can icon in the upper left corner of the idea box to Delete it.