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Idea Approval (PRO)

IMPORTANT: Only the Administrator and Approver of the Innovation Cloud PRO account can send an idea to the Approval phase.

Once the idea is scored, the Administrators and Approvers can find and approve the ideas that are waiting for approval on two ways:

1. Home page (Feed view) > You will find My tasks box in the upper right corner of the screen showing different task indicators. Click on the Ideas waiting for approval task indicator and it will open a drop-down list with all ideas that waiting for approval. By clicking on the name of the idea you want to approve, it will lead you to the Idea page view.

2. Choose My tasks option placed on the left navigation menu. Go to the Idea waiting for approval tab and enter the idea you want to approve.

Click on the action button Approve, placed on the right side of the idea page view. This action button will trigger a new pop-up window where you will add a note regarding your approval and click Submit.

Note: Administrator and Approver can approve an idea regardless of its state and status.